Of Course There’s a Dubstep Scene in Black Ops II

How will future historians be sure that Call of Duty: Black Ops II was released in 2012 or thereabouts? Because its campaign had a shootout set to dubstep. It's short. It's a little silly. It's also the perfect time capsule moment.

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Summons751852d ago

not surprising, only people who would actually buy call of duty are people who think that dub-step is a legitimate form of music.....when in reality it's just wannabe techno gone horribly wrong.

TopDudeMan1852d ago

I hate dubstep.

Naturally as soon as I got in the menu for the game, I muted the music and played my own instead.

Mikeyy1852d ago

Thats sad, because the menu music is created by Trent Reznor of Nine inch nails.

dazzrazz1852d ago

No game shall be famous in 2012 without even a lil bit of wub wub ! :D

JohnApocalypse1852d ago

I love COD but DESPISE dubstep

Sheikh Yerbouti1852d ago

It's all techno to me. Nothing really has changed since the 1980's (hip-hop,techno,electronica. But everyone want to be the next thing just by giving it a new name.

violents1852d ago

its just some scene in a dance club, who cares what music it is just shoot people.

sourav931852d ago

I love my rock. From classics to hard; from punk to heavy metal. But I don't mind a little bit of dubstep here and then. There's nothing wrong with the genre. It's a different type of music, and just because you don't like it, doesn't make it terrible nor does it make the people who like it social outcasts.

Kennytaur1852d ago

Dubstep is noisy for the sole reason of being noisy. I belive that to be why many people, myself included, dislike it.

I enjoy electronica as well as drum and bass, but hate dubstep.

The people who like dubstep aren't social outcasts, it's pop music these days.

Empire X1852d ago

Dubstep is nothing like techno. It's more of a Drum & Bass wanna be.

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