Japanese Employees Vent Online About Square Enix

Last year, there were unconfirmed reports that Square Enix's Tokyo headquarters was a dark place to work. This latest report doesn't sound nearly as bad as those. Doesn't sound like rainbows and sunshine, either.

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iamtehpwn2190d ago

It sounds like absolute hell. They need to fire all the heads at Square, especially Yoichi Wada, and start hiring people who can restructure the company for the sake of it's employees.

ScubaSteve12190d ago

um cant they be fired for this

Capt-FuzzyPants2190d ago

Apparently working there is worse than being fired, son not firing them is the better punishment.

N4GDgAPc2190d ago

No because that is how old school japanese runs there buisness. Read the comments for the article what they went through working for a japanese company. There comments are more intresting than the article.

N4GDgAPc2190d ago

Wait.. yes they could get fired for saying something bad about the company. Thought u ment something else^^

Dovahkiin2190d ago

Not the way to run a studio. Fucking idiot bosses.

Hicken2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

Cuz nobody else in the world rants about their bosses and the shit they have to put up with.


Edit: Not to say that these guys aren't dealing with some real CRAP, but it's hardly different from anybody else in the world under any other company.

XXXL2190d ago

Square sucks a fat one. Them and Crapcom should merge so we could kill 2 birds with one stone and be rid of them both

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