Digital Playground Officially Switches to Blu

HomeMediaMagazine reports, HD DVD has another defection on its hands, though it's not making headlines on national cable news.

Adult video producer Digital Playground had been releasing a majority of its high-def titles on HD DVD. However, it confirmed Feb. 15 that all future high-def titles would be on Blu-ray Disc.

Compared to Warner, Netflix, Best Buy and Wal-Mart, it may be a minor victory for Blu-ray, but it's an important one, stresses Ali Joone, feature director and founder of the company.

Island Fever 4 and Babysitters, two adult titles already on HD DVD, will be the company's next Blu-ray releases, followed by eight new Blu-ray titles every month, Joone said. The company has more than 200 films shot in high-def, all of which could eventually see a Blu-ray release, he added.

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cloud360-13th_acount3833d ago

It's Digital Playground Switches to Blu

Evil Zhuk3833d ago

LOL good one.

Anyways I wonder how long HD DVD is going to last? Maybe it will continue on for a while like VHS did.

Bathyj3833d ago

Oh the irony. I was just looking on a website at Robocop on BR coming out here in a couple weeks.

heyheyhey3833d ago

yay more hi-def boobies heading in my direction

theox2g73833d ago

what a blu world for blu movies!!!!

TwissT3833d ago

Pornography in High definition... Oh what a world.

Cyrus3653833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

I dunno, that could be scary looking... lol Do you want to see all the blemishes and such in 1080p, High Definition glory?

Bathyj3833d ago

It shouldn't be any worse than Lawrence Fishburns face when we finally get the Matrix trilogy.

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