FCC report: Sony changing PSP innards

Pspfanboy reports, according to documents sent to the FCC on February 14th, it appears as though Sony is attempting to change the specifications of the PSP. The company is requesting a change for "AK8PSP2001." That looks like the PSP-2000 series to us. The document states that "we change parts other than a wireless module. This is not to cause any modification to the mentioned electric characteristics and RF characteristics."

The other documents on the FCC site are rather unhelpful, as they demonstrate the various radio capabilities of the PSP. What changes will be made to the PSP are unclear at the moment, but we'd postulate that these are simple cost-reducing measures, and is not indicative of a new PSP series. Why? Sony would most likely file a new model number altogether in that regard.

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Cyrus3653752d ago

Too bad PSP doesn't have vibrate function! ;) Just jokes, but this does look like PSP Cost reducing measure.

Guwapo773752d ago

Too bad she doesn't have more ass...that PSP might slip out the bottom.

demolitionX3752d ago

cause it's the PSP slim model! lol

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The story is too old to be commented.