To Scrub in or not to Scrub in, that is the question

MWEB GameZone takes a look at Scrubs the game from mobile game developer, HeroCraft.

Featuring all your favourite characters and a brand new storyline, this puzzle-based game will put you, a new intern, firmly mixed up in the macabre world of Sacred Heart, battling the Janitor and trying not to incur the wrath of Dr Cox.

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DesVader2218d ago

LOL! No way, its one of my favourite TV series turned into a game. Oh, please, I hope they dont screw up many hours of happy memories.

Snookies122218d ago

Scrubs was amazing... Though it should have stopped at the REAL ending of... Season 8 I believe it was? Then they started introducing those new characters and it just bombed at that point for me. It's just not the same without JD, Turk, Dr. Cox, etc.

majiebeast2218d ago

There was a season 9? I never knew.

Jinkies2218d ago

That b**** Lucy was horrible as the new JD it was cringe worthy.

Why pick a girl to replace JD, they should of just continued in Sacred Heart but with Turk instead and the surgery.

HanCilliers2217d ago

The first few seasons were epic, then it just fell flat :(

Choc_Salties2218d ago

I enjoyed the show, not sure how it would translate into a game; I'm hoping it doesnt turn into a face-desk..

Series_IIa2218d ago

Sarah Chalke: Strip Poker.


hazelamy2217d ago

on the one hand, i think that's totally sexist, on the other, i'd love to play it. ^_^

only, i'm not that good at poker. :(

hazelamy2217d ago

if they got somebody like Telltale games to make it, it could be good, but as it is, it sounds like a collection of minigames, and everybody knows how much fun they are. o_O