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Submitted by timcolwill 1178d ago | interview

“Random loot creates an even playing field”: BioWare on Mass Effect 3′s multiplayer sat down with Preston Watamaniuk, Lead Designer on the game’s multiplayer, to talk about classes, balance, loot drops and more — including what they’ve got in store for the future. (Mass Effect 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Sovereign59  +   1178d ago
And nerfing every weapon into oblivion makes a game more tedious than fun to play.
vickers500  +   1178d ago
Agreed. That's why I stopped playing.
Lord_Sloth  +   1178d ago
No it doesn't. Random loot just pisses some people off. I'm hunting for an Alucard Sword +1 in Harmony of Dispair and have been hunting for it forever yet, even though I can solo the stage in 2:15 and have been spamming it non-stop I still get basic, useless drops I've already had 1000 time before.

And don't even get me started on PSO's Red Sword! 6 f***** years and still nothing!!!
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MarauderShields  +   1178d ago
I like the random loot in ME's multi. It reminds me of my childhood when getting a pack of pokemon trading cards and hoping I get that awesome card and instead getting something I didn't expect but grown to love.
SolidDuck  +   1178d ago
Agreed I love random loot in games.

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