Dark: Nine new screenshots of the new vampire stealth game

Kalypso Media released nine new screenshots of Dark.

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HarryMasonHerpderp2222d ago

This looks cool, most vampire games tend to SUCK though...

I'll let myself out.....

Deathcon2222d ago

You right, but there are just a few vampire games and just one perscent tend to be good ;)

wallis2222d ago

The masquerade jumps to mind.

Deathcon2222d ago

Yeah, but it's really old ;) and I need something fresh :)

ab5olut10n2222d ago

this looks and sounds pretty lame. vampires and werewolves and witches and whathaveyou all lend themselves to gameplay mechanics exceedingly well. so why can't anyone make a really great game?

The_Tr0ll172222d ago

GamesRadar has a 20 minute video of game play and it looks pretty bad. The concept sounds good but the animations looks horrible especially the attacking animations.