PS3 sales now over 70 Million, Move reaches 15 million, 595 million games sold worldwide

"Another landmark for Sony and it's six year old console. The PlayStation 3 has just reached 70 million consoles sold as November 4, 2012. This is less than six years after the console was launched. The PlayStation Move motion controller has also surpassed 15 million units, which in my opinion is pretty impressive. That's about 1 in every 4th PS3 owner has a Move."

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aviator1892193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

Though I don't own a PS3, that's pretty great news for Sony. Congrats!

Outside_ofthe_Box2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

Congrats to Sony.

80+ mil is looking plausible for life time sales.

Bathyj2193d ago

how about enevitable. if ps4 came out tomorrow it would still sell 80 million.
i still think 100 million is not out of the question it the next 5 years.

Outside_ofthe_Box2193d ago

There is a plus after the 80, I'm just saying...

insomnium22193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )


PS3 will pass 100 million easily. I've been saying this for like YEARS. There is no stopping it no matter how much hate people have for Sony. They have soon sold over 100 million consoles 3 gens in a row.

The only thing that is uncertain is that will PS3 pass Wii in it's lifetime sales but even that is beginning to look certain since Wii is really dying down in sales.

Move sold 15 million? That might be a sore spot for many haters.

Katko8 said it well below there. 120-130 mil lifetime sales and bestselling this gen console. I can see this happening.

edit @ bathyj

LOL that's good for your mum.

Abash2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

Great job on selling so many PS3's despite the hurdles they have gone through lowering it's price over the years, it's amazing actually.

I can see the PS3 selling for much longer than even the PS2 did in smaller countries (like the PS2 was able to till this day) because of Blu-Ray and the PlayStation Network

Chitown712912193d ago

The price still hasnt hit the sweet spot, which is $199. The 360 has been at the price point for a while now, and the PS3 is still able to keep up. If Sony was at the price, its obvious who would be the market leader. I can see them closing at 100-110 mill, by the time this race is over. Especially with some advertising and exclusive bundles next year.

Bathyj2193d ago

even my mum just bought a ps3 for godsakes. her first ever console im so proud of her.

and much to my amazement its not just a bluray player, shes loving the hell out of uncharted.

Dante1122193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

My reaction (0 to 5 secs)

Congrats Sony :D, glad to see them tie in sales with the 360 (more sales in lesser time btw). Guess sales don't matter now in the gaming world since this has happened LOL, right? Woo, I wonder how certain enthusiasts on this site feel about this news? Said the Ps3 would never tie on possibly become the second best selling console ever. It's a trip ain't it? REALLY looking forward to the comments downplaying this news.

Edit: :D Have a good Thanksgiving people. Eat well, be happy.

nukeitall2193d ago


"The price still hasnt hit the sweet spot, which is $199. The 360 has been at the price point for a while now, and the PS3 is still able to keep up. If Sony was at the price, its obvious who would be the market leader."

To be fair, for only $50 more which is less than the price of a retail game you get quite a bit more than the Xbox 360. In almost all measures the PS3 provides far far better value than the Xbox 360, which is surprising how well the Xbox 360 sells.

Point being, I think all the consoles peaked in terms of sales, and from here on out it is a slow and agonizing sales for all of them until a next generation.

Clarence2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

80 million looking plausible? 70million is 6yrs is quite fast, when you consider that it took M$ 7yrs to reach 70 mil. The PS3 will easily surpass 80mil lifetime sales. It will definitely hit 100mil+ because Sony will continue to support their consoles.

Wait until the PS3 gets below that 250 price tag it will fly of the shelves faster.

Funny wikipedia has the PS3 at 70m since Sept. Which is the same numbers wikipedia has for the 360 since Sept.

If you add up PS3 numbers from both of these pages Sony reached 70m back in Sept. Their fiscal year starts in April.

Now Q the Sony is doomed articles.

Awesome_Gamer2193d ago

Congratulations to Sony. Long live PlayStation!

BlindGuardian2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

facts seem to have a PS3 bias

what is important for EVERYONE to understand is that despite what you think you know the PS3 has ALWAYS outsold 360 since it came out, otherwise they wouldn't be tied now with the PS3 having one year less on the market, it's simple math

k-dillinger2193d ago

Well its not tied ps3 is actually ahead by 200k atm with 70.2 and 360 at 70 crazy after all the money Ms thru around to be #1 they ended up in last place where they belong with faulty hw

MikeMyers2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

What everyone should notice is all 3 systems (PS3, Xbox 360 and the Wii) have done very well this generation. There should be no animosity, no resentment and no arguing. If you prefer one over the other that's fine and quite normal, but this endless attacks really needs to stop. We are near the end of the cycle, so ask yourself, what has all that bickering accomplished? Nothing since all 3 systems sold well.

I think it is quite possible the PS3 will hit 100 million once Sony discontinues the system. At this rate it should take upwards of 3 years or less to reach that milestone. Going by history Sony is likely to keep the PS3 in production for at least a couple of more years even if the PS4 comes out in 2013.

Gamer19822192d ago

70 million 35 days after MS announced they hit 70 million.. They were years between them in terms of sales and now only a month.

Redgehammer2192d ago

Congrats Sony. Now maybe you can start making some money. The gaming landscape would be diminished by your departure, and MS could become stagnant, so tighten up. Again, congrats.

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AsimLeonheart2192d ago

Congratulations to Sony! I am glad PS3 has almost wiped out XBOX360 sales lead. Maybe this announcement will finally silence the doomsayers or maybe they will tout the NA sales to make themselves feel better. LOL! I have been a Playstation owner since 1999 and I am really grateful for all the great games that the platform has given me to enjoy over these 13 or so years. I was 17 when I bought my first Playstation and now I am 30, still loyal to Playstation and an avid gamer. I graduated from university, got a great job, have a lovely wife with kids and a great life. I like to think of myself as an example that gamers are not always losers. Somehow I feel like Playstation had a strong role in shaping me what I am today. I am really looking forward to PS4/Orbis announcement and hope Sony will continue to provide me with great exclusives and superior multi-platform games in the future as well. Cheers to Sony and Playstation. :-)

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

seem people still like games! The gaming community is divided on this..

If Sony starts out better than 2006 launch with ps4 then god help MS.

They had a one year head start you know?

This proves that sony can focus on core gamers and still sell consoles.

ps4 will own. Wish I could pre order now.

pablo-b2192d ago

70mil is really great! but lets not forget that both microsoft and nintendo have managed that also this gen.

so i hope that every commentator in here is pleased the other hardware manufacturers have already achieved this?

this gen is now winding down, so i would expect the sales of the consoles to be also!

but its all good. with over 200mil consoles sold this gen, plus some amazing games on all the platforms, i have enjoyed it.

its been interesting

nintendo quadrupled what they sold last gen

microsoft will triple what they sold

sony on the other hand will not reach ps2 numbers me thinks. although that have lost considerable market share, they are still probably the company to be most afraid of if you are thier competitor..

imdaboss12192d ago

are we going to see more articles about Sony is doom article again? lol fanbooys gotta love them..Sony is killing their competition with all the first party games

callahan092192d ago


Those links are interesting.

It's true that as of the end of Sony's FY2012 Q2, the PS3 is at 70.2 million consoles sold, and as of the end of Microsoft's FY2013 Q1, the Xbox 360 is at 70.0 million consoles sold. However, you have to consider that there is a one month time difference there.

Microsoft's FY2013 Q1 ended September 30, 2012.
Sony's FY2012 Q2 ended October 31, 2012.

So with one more month worth of sales reported the PS3 is at 200k more consoles sold worldwide than the Xbox 360.

If you consider release dates of the consoles, that means that the PS3 has sold 70.2 month in about 72 months, or 1.025 million per month. The 360 has sold 70.2 in about 83 months, or about .845 million per month. That approximately 200k per month advantage that the PS3 has over the 360 means that when you include an extra month of sales for the Xbox 360 to get its sales figure as up to date as the PS3's, you're potentially looking at a dead heat right now with both consoles at about 70.2 million worldwide.

All anyone can guess at this point is that the PS3 and Xbox 360 are literally EVEN in sales. Which spells a win for the PS3, considering it has cost more for its entire life, and it came out a year later (nearly a year and a half later in Europe).

Temporary2192d ago

I've known this was going to happen for YEARS. If you look at the year-to-year momentum the PS3 had and the Xbox360 had ... you could see the PS3 was always outselling and would end up closing the 1 year head start's gap M$ had.

Congratulations to Sony though...I'm glad they kept to their principles and gave us superior hardware even if it's at a high price point and they were STILL selling at a loss. At least they're giving us quality hardware (and games).

They're driving the industry forward in regards to tech and 1st party games. Without Playstation the industry wouldnt be the same at all.

GraveLord2192d ago

90mil is more likely. It'll reach 80 by this time next year, and it'll keep selling for 2-3 more after that.

dafegamer2192d ago

also take note that ps3 will be affordable in countries like brazil and africa until then, so 100mio+ lifetime sales seems very possible

callahan092192d ago

Correction to myself up above:

Thanks for the sources darktide66 and k-dillinger.

Turns out BOTH companies reporting periods are indeed through September 30, 2012. I was wrong... Not sure how I made the mistake in assumption on Sony's end date, but the facts in the end seem to be that the PS3 has officially outshipped the 360 worldwide.

Very, very interesting. Congrats, Sony.

zoks3102192d ago

PS3 should hit 100 million by the end of 2015. It should still be on the market by then and it will be much cheaper.
100 million is not bad considering the insane competition from MS and Nin, and the $600 price tag.
Congratz to them...

Bigpappy2192d ago

I am not disputing the numbers, but where are people getting the 360 numbers from to claim that 360 is no longer ahead? I would be cautious about making such claims until you have heard from both houses.

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Eyeco2193d ago

remember guys 5 years ago the ps3 was a failure, then what on earth do you call 90% of all the consoles ever released ?

miyamoto2193d ago

There is an explanation on how Sony turned things around for the PS3 in spite of all the hatred and negativity from haters & gaming media.


Happy PlayStation Gaming to All!

Eyeco2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

funny enough i was actually watching that episode last night just for nostalgia , me and my friend picked an episode on random, it reminded me of how bad Dragonball GT was, i mean SS4 was incredibly pointless and fusion SS4 was beyond ridiculous

NastyLeftHook02192d ago


Sheikh Yerbouti2192d ago

2008 Sheikh Yerbouti says hello.

Michael Pachter eat your heart out.

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showtimefolks2193d ago

Congrats to all console makers this is the first gen I remember where all 3 sold well, and no one had to go out of business.

If people still think ps3 failed than its on them. Ps3 launched a full year after xbox360 and now it's only few 100k behind it damn if that's not an achievement than I don't know what is. Also considering ps3 launched at $599

Earlier this gen analysts predicted that ps3 will sell over 120 million systems and I believe that can be achieved. I can see ps3 and xbox369 selling well vet 100 million systems each and with wii almost there we could have have home consoles selling 100 plus million in one gen.

Haters can hate as a long time playstation fan I can say ps brand is as strong as it has ever been

Eyeco2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

Yes according to the media hate and rabid fanboys the PS3 is a "failure" at 70 million consoles worldwide , then lets go in to detail with their logic

PS3-70 million and still selling= failure (360 can't that much of a success then)

These are consoles that have sold less than the PS3

NES 61 million must be = A Train wreck
SNES 49 million must be = Titanic sinking
N64 31 million must be = 9/11
Atari 2600 30 million = Bush's 2nd term
Genesis 29 million must be = Hiroshima 1945
Xbox 21 million must be = every single natural disaster in history times 10
Gamecube 20 million must be= Every single genocide of the last 100 years times 10
Dreamcast 10 million must be= The apocalypse

and these are the best selling consoles, I don't even know what to call other consoles released before it. Remember they called the PS3 a "failure"

Marquis_de_Sade2193d ago

It depends how you measure the success, inevitable comparisons with the PS2 will be made and in that sense, Sony has lost a massive amount of market share whilst MS and Nintendo have gained considerably. However, credit is due to Sony for turning things around after a poor start.

PinkFunk2193d ago

@Eyeco. Thanks that gave me a good laugh. Lolz.

ThanatosDMC2193d ago

Does anyone still use their Move controllers? I have two inside a plastic bag that is inside a box collecting dust.

Anyway, another great news is that PS Vita is getting six free games when PS+ is integrated on the 21st.

garos822193d ago

i still use my move controllers occasionally. last new game i got was uninished swan was pretty cool with move. i still play a little killzone 3 here and there with it and will most likely pick up sports champion 2 after the holidays. the move works well with the few titles that support it. now that portal 2 has move controls implemented ill probably pick that up to.
truth is i cant go back to playing fps games with dual shock anymore

Knushwood Butt2193d ago

Just got Okami HD, so will be doing soon.

BitbyDeath2193d ago

Should get Sports Champions 2, it's pretty awesome.

Moentjers2193d ago

I presume You don't have kids...

GraySnake2193d ago

yea been using it for portal 2

SoapShoes2192d ago

How is it collecting dust if it's in a bag. Lol fail!

badz1492192d ago

and Epic Mickey 2 is around the corner! oh and I still have to get Portal 2 damn it!

etebitan2192d ago

yeah just bought sports champions 2 and okami hd... good times with the move.. i wish there would be more games available but the ones that are out there are pretty good so I dont complain.. btw cant wait for until dawn!!

Ares902192d ago

The other day me and my friends were drinking. We turned the ps3 on and played Sports Champions. We had fun!! disc golf rules!!

BlackTar1872192d ago

yea the only game i play with a move controller is R.U.S.E

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ritsuka6662193d ago

PS3 neck and neck with Xbox 360 at 70 million consoles sold worldwide"

Those are shipments numbers only.. Anyway, 360 still ahead 3 millions from PS3 SOLD.

majiebeast2193d ago

You do know they all report shipped not sold ps3 has leveled the playing field with 1 year less on the market and a higher price point.

tiffac0082193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

You got to understand that to the console makers Shipment means sales and Shipment data is more accurate than Sold data because not every console sold around the world can ever be counted.

Even NPD has a percentage they cannot cover but with Shipment data, you can clearly get a big picture about how good or bad the demand is for a particular product.

faysal2192d ago

show me where it says ps3 is still behind xbox 360 by 3million SOLD? plus show where MS posted that all the xbox 360 numbers are SOLD to consumer numbers.

just to let you know.. company sell their product to the retailers, then retailers take the console and sell them how ever they like.. that is how they make the bundles and discount deals. ok?

whoyouwit042192d ago

I agree there is absalutly no way they sold that many console, It just dosen't add up there are no numbers they have to prove this. I mean if they did good, But this is just to ubeleivable you mean they sold close to 2 mill and cought up to MS, BS. now if they said shipped then thats completly believable.

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IAMERROR2193d ago

Does anyone else find it funny that the PSP still has sold more than the ps3/360?

memots2192d ago

Yeah and that was also called a failure L0L

callahan092192d ago

"That's about 1 in every 4th PS3 owner has a Move."

Probably more like 1 in every 8th PS3 owner has one or more Moves.

I have 4, personally. My brother has two. I have a friend who has just 1. Most people I know with a PS3 don't have it at all, though. I think 2 Move controllers is just about standard from folks who own any at all, with there being a couple times more people owning just 1 as there are 3 or even 4, which leads to there being still an average of about 2 for everyone who owns any. So 1 in 8 PS3 owners having Move is my best guess.

calis2192d ago

I love the logic where because of people they know do this, the world must do this.

geddesmond2192d ago

So much for the PS3 is doomed all those years ago lol.

@Outside of the box.

It will definitely reach 80 mil but I see it selling over 100mil lifetime.

greenpowerz2192d ago

Another pro Sony gamingbolt article ;)

PJF_Josh2191d ago

This information comes directly from a Press Release from Sony. It has also been posted on many other websites, what's the big deal? Do you not believe it because it's also on gamingbolt?

FamilyGuy2192d ago

The attach rate is up from what it use to be years back too. 595 / 70 = 8.5
8.5 games sold per ps3. I personally have about 35 games (physical disc) but whatever.

Black Friday should be huge too, a new PS3 with games for $200 is a great deal.

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mac_sparrow2193d ago

Isn't it?

Sorry, had to finish that.

MultiConsoleGamer2193d ago

Huge! That's a ton of PS3 consoles.

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