The Future of Silicon Knights?

It is never pleasant to hear about a company's unfortunate battle in court. It is even more disappointing for a developer to be forced to completely remove their games from the market.After this whole lawsuit debacle, IMGMR took the time to analyse the future of Silicon Knights.

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djslimzz2190d ago

I'm sure the Knights have enough cash backed-up to keep them alive

teezanpleez2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

i dont know about them .... EPIC GAMES just raped the shit out of their wallet !!

Nefario62190d ago

Silicon Knights all the way!

candybooty2190d ago

Perhaps another one will byte the dust...

...I'll see myself out.

Jon_Fu_2190d ago

They got so owned, but I think they'll bounce back

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