B3D: 1GB 8800GT Turboforce Review

B3D writes:

"We can heartily recommend this card to any consumer wanting an extremely fast graphics solution that can be used successfully in a myriad of different environments. Bjorn3D caters to the computer enthusiast market where FPS may not be the only thing, but they certainly are a major driving force.

For that reason alone, we would be remiss in not stating that the only thing that keeps us from giving this card an even higher score is it's not the fastest kid on the block, even though its not missing it by much. While not the fastest kid the GIGABYTE 8800GT TurboForce with all of its extras delivers one of the best price performance ratios that we've seen to date."

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Vip3r3717d ago

Whats with all the graphics card reviews? Someone's obviously on a spam fest.

jaja14343717d ago

This time of year just happens to be when new cards come out.

LostCypher113716d ago

news about video cards is not considered spam. This is a website for Gamers. Believe it or Not Video cards play a big roll in Gaming. You may not be interested in whats new in the world of GPUs, but there are plenty of PC gamers out there that would think otherwise.