DLC confirmed for New Super Mario Bros. U

New Super Mario Bros. U, much like its handheld counterpart, will be receiving downloadable content.

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Gr812216d ago

They add DLC such as online play?

How about online play with the old school battlemode like they did with Mario Bros. 3 with the POW block! Tell me that wouldn't be awesome?

A man can dream.

jbgamer2216d ago

I want to know myself, i love mario and i cannot wait :)

deafdani2216d ago

They definitely COULD. Now, WILL they? It would be awesome, of course, but I wouldn't hold my breath for it. So far, the only Nintendo franchise where they've taken online play seriously has been Mario Kart (Smash Bros doesn't count, because Brawl's online was awful).

CaptainN2216d ago

I want Wario and Waluigi to be added !!

jbgamer2216d ago

this Is so exciting!! I wish every game, had dlc... mario could keep getting new levels, power ups, and yes, the battle mode would be awesome!!