This Is What 4GHz Memory Looks Like: RAM Overclocking World Record

GamersNexus: "G.Skill now lays claim to the title of "world's fastest memory frequency" for their G. SKILL TridentX DDR3 SDRAM, which recently set the RAM overclocking world record at an effective 4000MHz (citing an entry by overclocker "Christian Ney" of Switzerland on He currently remains in first place on HWBOT's memory clock leaderboard, with another user, "Hicookie" of Taiwan, claiming 11th place (also with TridentX memory)."

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ninjahunter2159d ago

Haha, make a ram drive out of that. Imagine what you could pull off with that!

Axonometri2159d ago

Fast memory makes you think of porn?

MiamiACR212159d ago

Completely off topic. But I can last over 50 minutes easily. So, in many ways I wish I could only last a minute, then maybe I wouldn't have to work so hard. It's not all it's cracked up to be gents!

hellvaguy2158d ago

" But I can last over 50 minutes easily"

It's cause there isn't very much friction the smaller in size you get. Im gunna guess 4"?

kingPoS2159d ago

Even liquid nitrogen couldn't keep that beast alive, I guess some things aren't meant to be overclocked.