Black Ops II’s Zombie Mode: a Bit of Left 4 Dead, a Bit of Adventure Games, and a Whole Lot of Fail

Patricia Hernandez writes " When I had enough of Call of Duty: Black Ops II's campaign, I decided to spend some time with its more fantastical mode, Zombies. These are my thoughts."

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Saxism2159d ago

This reviewer is overlooking the depth and individuality that this game mode adds to treyarchs huge game. I for one have beaten all of the Easter eggs for all the zombie maps and truly feel its an experience unlike any other. Having to figure very obscure things out to solve a puzzle that's not explicitly explained is enjoyable and unique beyond what most other developers do for their games. I applaud treyarch for keeping interest in a game formula that people love to resent but the vast majority buys every year. (Or other year if your descriminant upon developer)

zacharyjd322159d ago

I actually disagree with you on this. Zombies should not have tried to implement some grand story into its gameplay. Zombies has always been "shoot and run" not "shoot and run to the other side of the map so you can solve puzzles and discover little things here and there". I didn't mind the secrets on the first Black Ops zombies maps, as they were subtle and often times meaningless, but Tranzit is a step in the wrong direction. Also, they added some things in the maps that are very frustrating. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has yelled out "this fire is f***ing stupid" or "what the f*** keeps jumping on me and clawing me". Maybe I just don't see the new zombies the same way other people do, but I just can't stand it.

HarryMasonHerpderp2159d ago

You know you can do the normal wave after wave of zombies in a small area like the old games?
If you don't like the open world thing then choose a different mode.

vallencer2159d ago

Well to be fair they have survival mode so if you don't like transit go play that. I personally think transit is awesome and pretty much why they needed to get me back into zombies. The zombies in black ops was boring. It was the same as WAW. I mean I realize everyone has their opinion and I get yours but I do think they made steps in the right direction.

chukamachine2159d ago

Tranzit is easily the best thing they have done with zombies.

Blackops1 zombies got boring fast for me.

StrawberryDiesel4202158d ago

zombies mode has screen tearing, what a joke treyarch. Just keep rushing the games out and sacrifice the quality. I never had a problem with annual releases as the games ran at near 60fps with no screen tearing, on 360 at least. Not anymore though, screen tearing in the top of the screen playing survival in bus depot, nice job there treyarch.