Xbox 360 and PS3 ‘limited’ says Hitman Absolution director

TrustedReviews: With the November 20th Hitman Absolution UK release date now just days away, Roberto Marchesi, Art Director on the upcoming title, has said the game was ‘limited’ by current generation consoles.

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Hellsvacancy2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

Devs say things like that, but other devs say things like this

Edit: I LOVE the previous Hitman games, ive got a feeling though that this new Hitman isnt going to be the next gen Hitman id hoped for, reading about these "limitations" hasnt exactly helped swayed me from that thought

Hopefully im wrong

Godchild10202196d ago

I think it depends on the Developer and the engine they are using. If Rockstar, Bioware, Naughty Dog, Guerilla games, 343 industries and epic games, to name a few. Then it must be the limitations of the Developer, the engine and maybe the time developing on the console.

iamnsuperman2196d ago

I think it's bad they are already making excuses. Everything has limitations. Great developers take those limitations and go with it and make a great product

Awesome_Gamer2196d ago

I hate how they're making excuses, f**king hate lazy devs.

Yukicore2196d ago

But of course, it is really time to go for these consoles, it's really hard to get the power from these machines, if a game is focused on one console it might be not that big of a deal, but to make the game play and look good on both is a hard work, if they don't want to make a different game.

It's clear that all developers bump into this problem, only most just don't brag about it, they just try to squeeze as much juice as possible.

DaThreats2196d ago

SHould have made it PS3 exclusive then to make things more possible

Grap2196d ago

I really hope this is sarcasm.

zeroskie2196d ago

as a PS3 owner, I want you to stop. PC is so far ahead of console performance now, there's not much difference between 360/PS3

Jinkies2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

A studio always say both console limited their game while they were making it but realy it's one or the other, both consoles can't limit a game. Why don't they just name and shame, there making it sound they are both on the same level in terms of power when, no offense, no fanboy BS it's just stating a fact, the PS3 is more powerful. We all know what console is holding a game back, it's happened before.

When a developer has a problem with the PS3 they don't have a problem speaking out about it and pointing fingers.

black9112196d ago

Say that again please. Beyond Two Souls Developer David Cage revently stated apS3 stil has alot of Power left.

Sp1d3ynut2196d ago

I'm shocked...a Sony-exclusive developer making such remarks about the PS3.

MariaHelFutura2196d ago

Quantic Dream is not owned by Sony. The chose to have their game exclusively on the PS3. Unless, Sony has purchased them recently w/o me knowing.

Sp1d3ynut2196d ago

Learn to read, son...never said they Sony owned them.

aquamala2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

What's stopping multi plat games on ps3 to look more like PC versions? The same game on pc runs at 1080P+, 60 fps, with DX11 techs, but Ps3 versions always look about identical to the 360 versions?,

BrianC62342196d ago

PS3 versions of third party games look like the 360 version because that's how the publishers want it. They want the game to look the same. They're really ruining it for Sony by doing that too. It gives people no reason to buy a PS3 unless they want Sony's games. I think this will hurt the PS4. The PS3 was designed to last a long time but was expensive. Now Sony will go for a cheaper console since it won't matter. I'd rather see more powerful consoles.

gatormatt802196d ago

Microsoft also has a clause in its contracts that says that any game made for the 360 and any other current Gen consoles must all be created equal. Meaning that if u want to make a game for both 360 and PS3, that the PS3 version cannot exceed the 360 version in graphics etc...

Hicken2196d ago

OF COURSE a console is limited. IT'S A FREAKING CONSOLE!

Every console has limits. Every PC has limits, too, since it's no longer the same PC once you start swapping out parts. And those new components? Yeah, they've got limits, as well.

The question is: can you push those limits? There are some developers out there that can. Can you even APPROACH those limits? Seems like most developers can't; ironically, they're the ones always talking about how "limited" current hardware is.

It's as if you need that as an excuse for why your game isn't as good as it should be. "We could have made a better game, but this console hardware is so limited."

Translation: "We didn't do nearly as well as we could have, but instead of owning up to our failures, we'll blame it on hardware we should be pretty good at working with by now."

AIndoria2196d ago

Thank you for not being a blatant pc fanboy :P Bubble to you sir.

Bathyj2196d ago

everythings limited except infinity

ab5olut10n2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

infinity is limited by the mandate that it continue forever. it can't stop, even if it wanted to. but you still get a bub.

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