PlayStation Blogcast Delayed For A “Very Special” Episode

The PlayStation podcast (aka PS Blogcast) airs every Thursday night except for when there is a special announcement to be made the day after or the ever so rare delay.

Episode 51 of the PS Blogcast is being delayed until Friday morning for what PlayStation is describing as a "very special" episode. Can we expect an announcement or reveal?

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ThatMiamiGuy1887d ago

I have no idea what announcement they could have. I'm all out of rumors to grasp at.

Should be interesting if it's a game reveal.

Godmars2901887d ago

What? Either All-Stars or a price drop.

Abash1887d ago

Let's not overhype this, just go in with no expectations as it could be anything

sdozzo1887d ago

It will be Vita getting PS+

Godchild10201887d ago

That has already been announced, so I doubt Its that. What ever it is, it will be Playstation Related. Lol

WeAreLegion1887d ago

Final character reveals for All-Stars.

profgerbik1887d ago

The PS4 connected to someones brain?

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