Adventure Time 3DS Game Launches Next Tuesday

D3Publisher has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming Adventure Time video game, which is set for release on Tuesday, November 20. The Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS game is based on the popular Emmy-nominated Cartoon Network series and co-written by series creator Pendleton Ward.

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DivineAssault 2195d ago

I want to buy this game.. I preordered it but unless it gets good reviews, im switching it to something else... If its like Zelda 2 & is well built, im getting the collectors edition of this.. My nephew watches the cartoon n its funny

jetpacksheep2195d ago

Any news of a U.K release? I love adventure time!

Jinkies2195d ago

Adventure Time os overrated it's unreal, people make out like it's on top with the other classic CN shows when it isn't. Jeez if people could only remembed the good cartoons.

SilentNegotiator2195d ago

Yeah, like Scoo-

Adventure Time is okay. It tries too hard to be edgy, though.

Jinkies2195d ago

Shes taking her top off for Daphne, Velma is a lesbian who joined the gang after lusting after her so much but Fred keeps getting in the way.

Did you not pay attention to the show :)

SilentNegotiator2195d ago

lol, if only the rest of the gang never responded to Scooby other than Shaggy. Then it would be the absolute perfect subliminal awesome fest.