Kat and Emmett joined by two other characters in PlayStation All-Stars DLC?

PSU writes: "By now, it's common knowledge that each fighter in the PlayStation All-Stars roster has a rival amongst the cast - a specific opponent with whom animosity is shared for one reason or another. Nathan Drake and Sly Cooper are thieves by nature, Jak and Ratchet are the platforming poster boys of a generation, etc. Thus, if Kat and Emmett were to be seamlessly included in the game's single-player construct, one would expect them to have rivals of their own."

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sinncross2195d ago

His response does not say that they are not indeed rivals... they just are not confirming details now.

That said, if they are rivals:
Gravity control (Kat) vs calling buildings from the sky (Emmett):
sounds pretty cool to me

admiralvic2195d ago

I fully agree and think it's sad people keep falling for this stuff. Seriously, how many times do you need to see double-talk from Superbot before you learn?

They also said Crash wouldn't be paid DLC, which automatically confirmed he was in it... it's out in like 5 days, still no Crash period. They also said to stay tuned for someone from Final Fantasy being in it... nothing. There might be more, but this goes against the most logical assumptions.

Lets look at it...

Both characters have somewhat conflicting powers. (as mentioned above) Gravity vs things falling into the ground. I can easily see the things being too heavy / hard for Kat to prevent (but not impossible) and a great way to district her while she uses her power to "fight her".
Both characters are most recent new IP's for Sony that come to mind (ignoring pointless games).
Gravity... / Star... the names go together.
Both were something of a flagship title for their respective system and could be seen as PS3 vs Vita.

Sure it's possible, but logic / reason points to no.

Hicken2194d ago

Sorry, but you seem to have some strange preconceptions.

You ASSUMED that because Crash wouldn't be paid DLC, he'd be in the game. That discounts the potential that he could be FREE DLC OR not in the game at all.

Likewise, them saying "Stay tuned" doesn't mean anything's concrete. At best, it means they're working on it. Perhaps whatever deal they were trying to make fell through before the game went gold; that doesn't mean these characters WON'T wind up as DLC in the future.

They are assumptions, yes, but NOT logical, as logic considers all avenues, and actually DOES NOT ASSUME; it can, however, make inferences BASED ON assumptions(you ASSUMMING what Superbot meant, for example), but that's only credible if the assumption, itself, is logical.

The rest of what you have to say is, honestly, irrelevant.

admiralvic2194d ago

@ Hicken

Sigh~ go troll someone else. You can read the posts on N4G where I said the same thing, but that DOES NOT CHANGE THE FACT superbot has seemingly done it in the past or that the author is doing it here.

smashcrashbash2195d ago

Well since they were announce together it is logical to think that they have already been deemed rivals. the only way that could be changed is if it is true that they will have two more characters to be rivals with them or they pair someone in the game with them but that would have to mean that they have to add the rivalry to the already established characters. If for instance they pair up Kat with Ratchet then they will have to program in a whole new scene to portray their rivalry

godofboobees2195d ago

Its already been confirmed that they are dlc.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2195d ago

Who? Kat and Emmett's "unannounced rivals"?

OptimisticPrime2195d ago

I think 4 is hoping for too much. It's free dlc. I doubt they'll put the man hours in to design 4 new characters for free. I bet they are rivals to each other

MxRBrobaFett2195d ago

Kat's special move: running you over with a warthog

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