Could Ubisoft Buck the Trend of Bad Video Game Movie Adaptations?

With Ubisoft set to create cinematic adaptations of two of their most popular franchises, Assasin's Creed and Splinter Cell, will these finally be the great video game movies that everyone has been waiting for? DefaultPrime's Lucas discusses how they just might be.

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LOGICWINS2217d ago

Assassin's Creed is the first game to movie adaptation that features a TRULY complex/thought provoking plot. The premise is even more complex than Inception. I think it will be good.

camel_toad2216d ago

Yep I agree and I think they could also make at the very least a good popcorn flick with splinter cell.

ShoryukenII2216d ago

Honestly, I can't see it failing like the others at all. The story is absolutely perfect for a movie adaption. They can make a movie that is even better than the games with their premise. It doesn't hurt that the lead actor is actually a great fit. But after so many disappointments, it is best to continue to think that directors will always find a way to waste great concepts.

majiebeast2216d ago

They already started with that horrid prince of persia movie who casts Jake Gyllenhal for anything besides gay cowboys.

MattyG2216d ago

That was Disney, from what I understand Ubisoft has their own production company now, so they'll have more say in the production of the films.

Drakesfortune2216d ago

anything with tom hardy in will be awesome!

Haha1232216d ago

Star Trek Nemesis
This Means War


AusRogo2216d ago

Warrior, Dark Knight Rises too.

Bathyj2216d ago

id just be happy if they bucked the trend of bad ubisoft games.

kingPoS2216d ago

Prince of Persia wasn't half bad, even when Disney took certain liberties with the plot & story. Or maybe it was used as a guideline and not an end to all. Who knows?

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