Natural Selection 2 Game Curious Video: Aliens and Marines Hate Each Other

Horrible Night: "Natural Selection 2 is currently a shoe-in for Best First Person Alien Mouth of 2012. This is a multiplayer FPS/RTS hybrid with a familiar humans vs. aliens aesthetic. For fans of the original, you’ll be right at home with NS2."

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knifefight2219d ago

"Best First Person Alien Mouth of 2012"

Usually a competitive category, it's impressive to already have this locked up.

ATi_Elite2219d ago

Natural Selection 2 is shaping up to be one of the BEST GAMES in the great new genre of FPS/RTS games!

Really feels like Doom 3 but with quicker shooting mechanics and a lot of strategy tossed in along with Commander Controls plus you can be the aliens.

The ALiens are very cool, fast and can run upside down on walls and stuff!

Way better than any "Alien" type game!

ThanatosDMC2219d ago

NS2 is more Esport like compared to other stupid shooters.

But i still hate the idea of alien commander. It should have been left to Gorges to set up the base like NS1, which also gave more freedom to what each alien players want to evolve. Now it's so hard to hide tech and when aliens come upon a good marine squad... it's insta-loss before they could defend themselves with a Fade or two.

TooTall192219d ago

Since the new patch I've been having freezing issues.