‘Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale’ Kat and Emmett story mode and more details

Seth Killian responded to a few fan inquiries in the comments section of the Playstation Blog, revealing several details as to how the story mode and rivalry mechanic will work for Kat and Emmett in addition to the potential of more DLC.

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Snookies122012d ago

That's cool, but I still think Kat should have been in the original roster.

BitbyDeath2012d ago

Probably ran out of time and could not delay it cause next years lineup would make this quickly forgotten.

ShinMaster2011d ago

Some things are added post Gold. Not every character can be added before the game is finished.

smashcrashbash2012d ago

What does it matter? You are getting her either way. And why are people still griping about two Coles. They play differently so who cares? It isn't even like how Falco, Fox and Wolf were clones who played basically exactly like each other. It's not like Evil Cole took up a space. He was going to be there no matter what. That was Sucker Punch's deal for using him. Two Coles both Evil and Good.

BitbyDeath2011d ago

Two coles is really no different to having Scorpian and Sub-Zero in one game.

People just like to nit-pick

Snookies122011d ago

Yeah, I didn't realize it was going to be free lol. That's a huge plus! Definitely happy with that. :]

Leroy2012d ago

Mmmmmm, want! Oh and the DLC is cool too

RmanX10002012d ago

Can not wait for Kat!!! But i wouldve prefered either an Assassin's Creed or Wild Arms character instead of Emmett Graves...Im at least glad theyre supporting it :D

knifefight2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Would have loved to see Kat in from the beginning for greater exposure of Vita games. Not everyone will download the DLC, even if it's free.

r212012d ago

Yes yes yes yes!
Good news is good! :D
Kat and Emmet in the game XD and for FREE for the 1st 2 weeks
I wonder if Emmet will even understand Kat's language XD