GameTap previews Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (PS3)

As far as visual differences go, they're definitely noticeable. In its current state, the PS3 version's framerate is widely inconsistent compared to the 360 version; many of the textures have a splotchy, dithered look to them, and when you pan the camera quickly from left to right, the effect seems to get worse. But considering what comes in the package, some might be able to overlook any visual shortcomings in the PS3 version of Lost Planet.

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xplosneer3715d ago

A 5GB install with inconsistant framerate and bad textures=fail.

ruibing3715d ago

I still might get it after the price drops to $30, which is pretty much the price I would pay for this game, Stranglehold, and the like.

Xeikon3715d ago

This must be groundhog day for PS3 owners.

jackdoe3715d ago

Eh? How? PS3 owners had already discounted this game when it was first announced. The screens looked like sh!t and this is a one year old port. Of course they wouldn't be interested in this, nor would they really give a sh!t.

3715d ago
power of Green 3715d ago

I remember the media making such claims too, saying things like PS3 version has better lighting, PS3 version has the same detail or that its not finished. They're doing the samething with DMC4. Makes you wonder if the devs settled with the current build of DMC4 so one version did not differ from the original build.

jackdoe3715d ago

Power of green, when have the press said anything positive about this game? I'd like to see proof instead of something you just pull out of your ass. The gamespot, 1up, gametap, and videogamer previews all derided this version of the game. And they didn't "stop" development of DMC4. You really need to pull your head out of your ass.

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name3715d ago

Lmao ugh capcom -_- Horrible job. A years late port of a crappy game that somehow ended up being WORST than the old one, added on with a 5 gb installation into the harddrive, and THIS is the componsation of giving monster hunter to the wii and devil may cry to the 360. I don't know wether to be sad or confused.

Rattles3715d ago

some consoles selling never hurt anyone.

LinuxGuru3715d ago

Capcom = Fail.

I beat this on 360, and this game will never touch my PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.