The KOFXII video shows a return to 2D roots

PS3 fanboy:

"The above video of the King of Fighters XII video shows you what to expect here -- the key note is their return to 2D high-res sprites. Good for SNK. Of course, we'd love a higher quality video, but for now, this will do."

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primoproof3774d ago

Something to waste your quarters on if ur waiting somewhere. But they have never really been games that youve had to own on consoles. Something about these games has just never been enough to take me away from other staples, SF, Tekken, SC, or VF

roybatty3774d ago

Millions of fight fans the world over love Kof series. Oh, and by the way, it owns Tekken VF and SC. In every way.

games4fun3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

NEVER!!! kof never in a million years has owned soul calibur in any way watsoever and for that matter tekken "how dare you" only the most crazed fanboy for kof would say such a horrendous thing if you gave people the choice of game they would play they would get SC or tekken maybe even VF before they would ever want to play kof

btw kof is going to be a great fighting game tho

roybatty3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Nah, I'm just a fight fan. And (nearly) every fighting game fan I have ever met agrees one one thing and one thing only.
2D is the best game to play by a mile. Not that I don't like 3D fighters
don't get me wrong here, just that a great 1v1 on say Alpha3 or KOFXI or
Garou, between 2 players that know the games, is just infinitely more fun and crazy than a 2 player Tekken or SC game. (IMO! and the opinion of every fighting game lover I know)

Capcom V SNK2 = Sweetest 2d'er ever. All the great characters!


lodossrage3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

True, the KOF series is beloved worldwide. And personally, to me, it's a game for the fighter fan that decides to "graduate" from street fighter (yeah I went there lol).

In fact, in my opinion, KOF's competition has always been guilty gear. Because in all honesty, KOF made street fighter look like a kiddie game long ago. But now with Blaz Blue and Battle Fantasia coming to ps3, it is anybody's guess who will be the next 2d king.

But to say it owns games like Doa, Soul Calibur, Tekken, or Virtua fighter is a stretch. Because it is hard to compare a 2d fighting game and a 3d fighting game.

Sevir043774d ago

KOF has a very big fanbase proably just as big as street fighter, but it pwns the old street fighters in everyway. KOF though met it's end when Guilty gear was released, That game to me is the greatest 2-d fighter out there. it's much faster and more responsive. and now that sammy/highmoon studious and arcs works (the guys who did the guilty gear games) are doing BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger i cant wait thats all that makes the PS3 more complete. this year and next we'll have over a dozen well played td fighting games with SF4, BlazBlue, battle fantasia, and the new king of fighters i cant wait

lodossrage3774d ago

And as much as I love KOF, Guilty Gear IS the ultimate in 2d fighting. Although we have to reserve judgment until blazblue and battle fantasia come out of course

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kingOVsticks3774d ago

first blazblue and know this fighters are making a comeback this yr

akumous3774d ago

I am so glad that SNK and Art works ( the guys behind guilty gear) are bringing back 2d fighters to the hearts of those who appreciates them.

Capcom, I applaud you for taking risks with SF4, but street fighter roots will always be 2d hand drawn sprites not 3d. Ask yourselves this one question, why Capcom always re-releasing their old SF games for every console and not releasing the EXs version. We never once yet see a Street fighter Ex collection and we gamers know why...3D games don't age well; the technology is still new...2d games aged better and will always be superior over 3d games because of the limitless possibilities; the imagination never stops with technology only with the artist.

I would have loved to see high resolution SF 4 but I guess snk will get my money instead...King of Fighters has as much popularity as the 3d fighters and even more so..