NPD: US digital sales total $1.4 billion in Q3

GS:The NPD Group's monthly sales reports do not factor in digital content, and this has led some, including Electronic Arts, to shrug off the firm's findings. Today, however, the research group released the results of its Q3 2012 Games Market Dynamics U.S. report, revealing digital spend in the United States alone accounted for $1.4 billion from July-September.

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NYC_Gamer2193d ago

It's about time NPD report on digital sales

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

pc doing great!

Instigator2193d ago

Wow, that's even more than the physical sales. I'm sure it got a big boost thanks to Steam's summer sale, but regardless it shows that the retail sales don't paint nearly as complete a picture of the industry anymore.

BitbyDeath2193d ago

I wonder if they count individual Plus games.

Spenok2192d ago

Thats a good question. Though at the same time I kind of imagine it is considered a sale. Even though it is a free game, you technically are purchasing it off the store... just for $0.00.

I used to work at a video game retail store, and we would often have free things in our inventory, and we could "sell" them to customers to get them out. And I know these are download, so there is no inventory, but at the same time. It's just a 100% off discount. So from my educated guess I would say they count.