XSReviews: XFX 8800GTS 512MB Review

XSReviews writes:

"Its pretty clear from the results that nVidia did a pretty good job beefing up the GTS for it's sequel, giving it a clear lead over the original in every benchmark we ran. I admit that the overclock doesn't do a lot in some cases, but that's where the CPU will be holding the GPU back; damn CPU bottlenecks.

While it might not have as much 'bang for buck' as the GT, the GTS does offer good value for money, and it features a reasonably quiet cooler. Unfortunately, the fact that the 9 series cards are just around the corner doesn't help the GTS, and it probably is best to wait. However, if you want an immediate jump up from your older GTS or anything before the 8 series surface, the GTS refresh from XFX is a pretty good bet."

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