Nintendo Wii U Draws Eager Fans Ahead Of Sunday Launch

CNET writes: "No, this isn't an Apple launch. Nintendo fans have been waiting in line at its flagship New York store for the next-generation console."

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Neonridr2195d ago

Crazy stuff. That is dedication. Me on the other hand, I walked into my local electronics store, plunked down my money for the preorder, and will walk into the store either at midnight Saturday (if they do a midnight launch), or when they open on Sunday.

Although I guess with a few dedicated people like that all together, it makes for a much more enjoyable experience. Would kind of suck if you were the only one waiting in line by yourself.

Soldierone2195d ago

Did that once. It was freezing outside for PS3 launch, was standing by Gamestop just waiting with one other person. Around 11:30, people started swarming up to the line coming from their cars lol....sitting in there for an hour or two with the heater on.

The line was growing though. This was just to pre-order it, wasn't to buy it yet.

MasterD9192195d ago

The dedication is pretty amazing...but I feel like if I stroll into Walmart at midnight on Saturday, I wouldn't have a hard time finding a Wii U console.

I don't picture there being a supply issue for this release.
And it looks like the Wii U is getting a surprising amount of current titles which is nice for Nintendo gamers who have missed out.

Neonridr2195d ago

I don't think you'll find a Wii U console. The preorders are all but gone, and each store will be lucky to have more than a couple for sale.

You might be ok finding a Basic model versus a Deluxe, but I would be surprised. These things are going to go like hotcakes.