10 Hugely Popular Video Games That Deserve To Be Hated

whatculture: "We all know a game or two that everybody seems to absolutely adore and wax lyrical about, but the reality is that the game, well, sucks. As much as it sucks, however, naïve gamers just don’t seem to understand the plain stupidity. Despite the vast amount of games that could very easily fit this description, I am going to grace you with my personal opinion of ten games that I find should be absolutely hated for what they really are."

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MultiConsoleGamer2218d ago

Don't hate, participate.

There's already far too much hatred on the web thanks to places like 4chan, NeoGAF and this site to a lesser extent.

Muffins12232218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

This artical fails.He put halo and said

" Bungie needs to just give up. For the sake of the gaming industry. If there are any Bungie employees reading this right now, do yourselves a favour and QUIT IT!"

Bungie dosent even make halo any more, what a dumb ass

"I believe Bungie could create another Halo-like game, but end this series once and for all. I remember Halo 2 being the supposed finale. Then Halo 3. Then Reach, then 4. It’s a never-ending series that the company is draining of all life. It is a dead story. "

"Yes, the graphics are good – but they are nothing impressive. They suffice, which by this point in the industry is not enough. If a game has a piss-poor storyline and sub-par graphics, it should bomb"

Really?A piss poor story line? sub-par graphics....are you kidding me lol?

cpayne932218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

I like how he doesn't even mention the gameplay, which halo does better than just about any shooter. Halo also has a better story than most games.

Also, ALL Wii GAMES??? ALL OF THEM??? That is retarded. I don't like the wii that much, but that is so retarded I can't even stand it. Some of the best games this gen were on the wii.

Also it doesn't make sense that some games are almost unheard of. He says they have a big enough following for him to criticize, but they are no where near being "hugely popular".

This article is horrible, why are people approving this garbage? I can't even tell if this guy takes himself seriously.

Edit: Oh, and that quote you put there, first he says the graphics are good, but then says they are sub-par? What???

Intentions2218d ago

Lol if you are going to bitch then at least get some info right for example for Halo 4 its 343 not bungie. Also its a new trilogy.

Jinkies2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

I feel the same way about AC3 and how Haytham is a better character then Connor. Connor is just's the voice acting it's just terrible, lets not forget the script dosen't help, it seems he was poorly writen.


It bugs me though that Haytham ended up being a bad guy, why did they do this I have no idea. As I've said before George Washington and the founding fathers should of been the templar group from the start instead of Haytham, Charles Lee etc.

The War and how it was presented was terribly one sided aswell. Both sides did some horrible stuff, it wasn't like the world vs the Nazis were you knew they were evil and bloody nuts, they dumbed down all the horrible things the Americans did and softened them but for the redcoats they made them out to be the devil, like a bunch of sick, twisted individuals.

What bugged me more about this though was the PR bullcrap we had off Ubisoft, everything they said to defend themselfs was a load of bollocks if you've actually played the game and I hate how they ruined what past AC games told us to try and not upset American fans. If your past games say and make out that George Washington won the war with the Apple and that that side were mostly the evil templars then follow through with it, don't change it and make the other side look bad just because your scared it will hurt sales...honestly the marketing for this is a totaly differnt story.

If Tommy from Prey can be a good character with a good voice actor then why couldn't Ubisoft do it with Connor. It's sounds like they hired a cheap voice actor...

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