Skullcandy and Electronic Arts Team Up For New Army of Two The Devil’s Cartel Gaming Headsets

Skewed and Reviewed have posted news and an image that Skullcandy and EA have teamed up to create new AO2 themed headsets and that it will also feature the two companies working with one another on an in game mask.

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kwyjibo2218d ago

I think these are fabulous, a degree of flamboyancy that you only see in Army of Two.

I can picture them both wearing this to Pride.

MiamiACR212218d ago

Did they ever manufacturer actual masks? I always wanted Salem's flame mask.

Tonester9252218d ago f-two-airsoft-masks.html

kingPoS2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Is it too much to hope for Skullcandy's Titan (nylon cable) earbuds with balanced bass and volume slider to be sold in stores again.
Not the versions with the cheap flimsy rubber cable with empty bass and no extra silicon.

Why are they stepping backwards?
Used to be quality stuff, now I'm not so sure.