5 things Modern Warfare 4 must do in order to stay fresh

"So, the rumors are already beginning to ring true; another Modern Warfare title is coming. I can’t say I’m surprised, given how well the franchise continues to sell, with each entry in the series repeatedly breaking the sales record established by the last.

Nobody can deny that the franchise has already become stale in recent years, but I also think I can speak for many when I say that Black Ops II has breathed some new life into the series, and it has introduced gameplay and storytelling elements that can be expanded upon in future installments.

With that said, here are five things that whoever’s in charge of Modern Warfare 4, be it Neversoft, Infinity Ward, Raven, or whoever, should keep in mind when creating the game so that they continue the innovation that Black Ops II has sparked and keep the franchise fresh." (Michael Urban,

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Majin-vegeta2193d ago

Lol cod hasn't been fresh since COD4.

porkChop2192d ago

Guess you haven't played Black Ops II. Honestly, it really feels like the true successor to CoD4. Treyarch did a phenomenal job.

Hufandpuf2192d ago

seems like everyone forgot BLOPS 2 already.

Summons752192d ago

Call of duty is fresh???? News to me

dirthurts2192d ago

World at War was the last one I really enjoyed.
They really need to try something new, but how can they when the super scripted singleplayer, and ADD multiplayer are making them so much money?

BlaqMagiq242192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

1 thing Activision must do to keep Call of Duty fresh:

NOT release one every year.


Getowned2192d ago

Yeah cod is kinda becoming spam in the gaming industry but it sells so well, lol I'm not really hating on cod, but im just so burnt out on it, I don't know if I want another COD game, 8 is kinda enough for me atm X_X

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The story is too old to be commented.