Wii U's software preorders double those of the original Wii

Gamasutra- One of the biggest problems with Nintendo's original Wii was its low software tie ratio. Nintendo may have expanded its audience far beyond a typical video game console owner with demographic barrier-destroying games like Wii Sports and Wii Fit, but the problem was, a lot of those customers never bothered to buy more games.

It's too early to tell whether that situation is going to change with the Wii U, but at the very least, things are looking good prior to this Sunday's launch.

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YoungPlex2194d ago

Great news, software sales are one of the most important determining factors a publisher looks at when deciding what games to bring to a platform. Great news indeed...

mcstorm2194d ago

Sounds good but ive still got 2 weeks until i get mine dam me for living in the UK.

jmc88882194d ago

That's good news for nintendo. Since they are selling the units at a loss, if people buy more games then they are likely to breakeven on the Wii U as a whole sooner. Doesn't hurt that a bunch of people are buying the pro controller as well.

They expect to sell 24 million games by the end of the 2nd quarter of 2013? They'll probably surpass that.

I know I have four games pre-ordered that come out this year (NSMBU, Rabbidsland, BLOPS2, Zombie U), and Aliens: Colonial Marines pre-ordered for next year.

There will probably be a game or two beyond that yet before the end of June (that's the end of Q2 2013) that I'll purchase.

They basically expect a little over 4 games per system sold by then. If they manage to pump out more units, they may go over by a decent bit as well.

Gamestop is one of many pre-order places, so they're probably already millions more games on preorder across walmart, toysrus, so on and so forth. There will also be a good bump when people start picking up units at stores that weren't pre-ordered. They could surpass 10 million games sold by the end of the year, and maybe pretty easily. Wouldn't surprise me (though in no way certain) that they'll see 30+ million games by the end of next June.

Guess the head of Ubisoft was a bit worried for little reason.

_LarZen_2194d ago

Good news, have 4 games preordered myself :)

SuperShyGuy2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

Alright third parties the money train is ready for boarding don't miss out this time!

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