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Black Ops 2's Maps Are So Good That It's Not Fair For Other Shooters

Black Ops 2 has a lot going for it, but one thing that may be easily overlooked by casual players is just how brilliant the map design is. (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Chuk5  +   901d ago
COD maps aren't even maps, they're just kill boxes. Even when I loved COD, I always felt that they felt like stages. The lack of traversal strategies and strategic landmarks in COD make the maps dull.
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princejb134  +   901d ago
but thats the reason people enjoy it including myself
i rather have a small map where i jump straight into the action
the few big maps that have ever been added in the call of duty franchise annoyed the shit out of me cause i had to walk for so far until i found a enemy
Soldierone  +   901d ago
Same here. its one issue I have with Battlefield, make a mistake and go the wrong way you will be walking forever before getting owned by a sniper. Or clear an area, then the trouble starts on the other side of the map.
swat_teem  +   901d ago
well in battlefield it was simple to know where you had to go and get right into the action for example if its rush you go toward the gold crates (M COMS) while in conquest you go take a base while i do say in conquest the game can be a bit quiet on the bigger maps but i play on ps3 with 24 players.
Getowned  +   901d ago
Damn, I'm the opposite. I like working for my kills and using tactics, not just jumping into the action. Walking for a while in a map like the ones in BF games never bothered me because when you found an enemy it was just so intense fighting for your life while making it deeper into enemy territory, and than theres nothing like sneaking up on a nest of snipers that where giving you trouble and taking their tags. I love it when I come up to situations were I'm sneaking to the objective and I'm siting in a bush and while a enemy squad walks by and I need to deside if I should kill them and possibly die/and alert enemy of my location OR let them live and make it to my destination and plant to objective,and find a corner to tuck behind and guard the bomb, but still its risky because those people you let live could also be your down fall. It's more of the adventure to me I guess, the journey vs getting 30 kills just by jumping into the action and playing at random like in cod. Not that theres anything wrong with running and gunning I just prefer strategy and a bit of an adventure my self.
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bakasora  +   901d ago
"black ops sold so much that it's not fair for other genre games." Here fixed.
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ZBlacktt  +   901d ago
I can blow things up in BF. Can you do that in COD? So my maps are forever always changing due to the battle at hand.
Soldierone  +   901d ago
You can only blow up so much....unless its BF BC 2 which was awesome completely leveling out a map to screw the camping snipers from their vantage points haha
Norrison  +   901d ago
Well, the PC version got as much or even more destruction than BFBC2 and BFBC2 had a lot of buildings that weren't destructable, and BFBC2's hit detection was LAME.
Soldierone  +   901d ago
I played it on PC too, it still has the same buildings. You can just blow more off the wall...and the "extra" things they put in. The "core" of the game is still not entirely destructible.

In BFBC2 you could literally flatten most of the maps. You can't do that on Bf3. NOTE I haven't played the latest DLC yet, so dunno about that.
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EmperorDalek  +   901d ago
So? Battlefield 3's maps sucked, with or without destructible environments. Which were weaker than Bad Company 2's BTW.
Skate-AK  +   901d ago
Have you played Armored Kill?
LoneCastaway  +   901d ago
why do some people never get it? it makes sense in battlefield to be able to destroy the environment, but it makes absolutely no sense in a call of duty game.
he's talking about layout, lines of sight, flanking routes, centre of actions points etc here. essentially what makes a good map.
it's great that you can do that in bf, but for cod it's better like that. and it's not just cod, basically in most online shooters.
ZBlacktt  +   901d ago
Because in BF, a person with C4 can ruin a campers day. There's something more real about a game that plays real life in it.
Feralkitsune  +   901d ago
Why do you guys think either Battlefield or CoD are realistic. they aren't not in the least bit.
ddurand1  +   901d ago
of course theyre not realitic. but on that realism spectrum the twogames are light years apart
FanboyPunisher  +   901d ago
BF3 destruction is like Bad Company 2; its OK.
Better then keeping the same engine for COD which cant do anything modern.
DOMination-  +   901d ago
Like what?
FunkMacNasty  +   901d ago
really, you think so?? You could bring down whole entire villages, toppling structures to the ground in Bad Company 2.. In Battlefield 3, the best you can do is blow holes in walls.. much more destruction in BC2 than BF3 i think..
FanboyPunisher  +   899d ago
Literally the same as BC2 champ, go blow up buildings in both, literally identical in how its done; just a little more detail in the collapse.
Blastoise  +   901d ago
Worst thing about MW3 was the maps. You can have the best graphics, the most modes & the most balanced guns but none of it means anything if the maps suck. Glad to hear that Black ops 2 has improved on this

So much of a games community relies on the maps
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seanpitt23  +   901d ago
The amount of times i get shot in the back with these tiny maps annoys me a lot
Getowned  +   901d ago
I haven't got Blops2, are the maps really that small ? like NukeTown small ? ... I liked NukeTown but it got annoying after a while, I like larger maps like Hanoi (which I know some people hated but to me it was great on objective modes like CTF, domination, Demo ... IMO)

Not sure if I want another COD yet, kinda bored with it.
seanpitt23  +   901d ago
Most of them are small like nuke town some are even small than that
AAACE5  +   901d ago
I like the maps. There are multiple pathe to travel. Different areas touse tactics. Each level has its own feel but still remind yo ofpast cod maps with a different feel. Well done game in my book.
Getowned  +   901d ago
Smaller than nuke town!! holy crap no thanks, thats just to small for me, I need large maps so I can strategicly hunt my prey. I don't want to be just handed a kill, wheres the fun in that.

I don't know what to think lol I hate small maps..damn it I wish I could rent the game first or play a MP demo.
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Soldierone  +   901d ago
"smaller than nuketown" Person obviously hasn't even touched the game....

A majority of the maps are like giant circles with multiple ways to get to each point. There is also stuff moving and things going on in a majority of them. One of them has a train that goes flying through the middle of the map once in a while.

They are very similar to COD4 and MW2, which is why they are good.
FunkMacNasty  +   901d ago
No they are NOT all as small as nuketown!! People who are telling you that are just trolling and CLEARLY havent played Blops 2 yet.

So far, Blops 2 has really earned back some of my respect and fondness for the CoD series.. the map design being one of several reasons. The maps are much better than MW3 maps, with more open areas, and a better ratio of distance to close quarters engagements, more passageways to objectives, and easy-to-see camping spots (which sucks for campers). Also, the spawn system seems a bit more thought out.
Spenok  +   900d ago
Not a single map is smaller than nuketown. Though some are small maps in general. They have a good number of maps at varying sizes with levels of buildings to keep in mind. They are well designed and fun to play in general. I skipped MW3 after playing it at a friends house. This one is a HUGH improvement.
Psycho_Mantis  +   901d ago
They are....good you say...?
Compare them to the maps in COD4 and tell me otherwise.
AAACE5  +   901d ago
They are better!
GhettoBlasStarr  +   901d ago
BLOPS 2 is the best COD IMHO. The maps are great, I can't wait for more map packs. The Guns Feel and Sound great. The reason I feel these maps are better is because you can climb on alot more things...ALOT MORE.
MizTv  +   901d ago
There not the best but better than mw3
S_C  +   901d ago
Anything is better than that pile of sh*t, only played it about 3 time last year, awful awful game
InTheLab  +   901d ago
Played a total of 2 hours before trading it in. So awful.
Psycho_Mantis  +   901d ago
On, that... i would agree on
aNDROiD17_  +   901d ago
maps are great, which is hard to come by in fps these days
Thump1967  +   901d ago
Have to agree theses are the best usually I'll find 2 to 3 maps I hate Like them off Die IW
aiBreeze  +   901d ago
After playing Halo 4, I have to agree that Black Ops 2 stands out for it's maps. Treyarch clearly know what sort of maps their audience wants and designs maps for it, every single one I've played so far I've enjoyed with the train station map and the boat one standing out as really good ideas.

On the flip side you have 343i who seemed to let their map designers design "cool" maps that they wanted as opposed to what the fans want. This is further proven by the fact that in infinity slayer these days, 90% of the time I'm either playing Haven or Complex.

Not turning this into a halo hate thread as I prefer Halo however after having both games released so close to each other, I have a new found respect for Treyarch.
LoneCastaway  +   901d ago
Actually I think the maps in Halo 4 are pretty good.
Just because people vote for a certain map often doesn'nt mean it's the best / the only good one.
What it's missing is one or two medium sized maps with a warthog as the "high-end vehicle" in my opinion.
shammgod  +   901d ago
I must have the wrong version of the game then cause I find the maps boring as f***
Psycho_Mantis  +   901d ago
Yes of course. Wait for more map pack thats $15 a pop. More ways as well for them to fuck you over of your hard earned money.
J86blum  +   901d ago
Now assassins Creed is my series this gen but thats like calling the kettle black. AC2-III have more DLC then COD does.
InTheLab  +   901d ago
That yacht reminds me of the cargo ship map from CoD 4, only there's multiple ways to avoid grenade spam and campers on the yacht map.

Blops 2's maps are pretty damn good. There's only one that truly pisses me off but it's only do to the fact that I can't make my eyes see through the bulls*** and clutter strewn about the map.
SKUD  +   901d ago
BLOps 2 is old news. Can't wait for the next COD!!!!
jjb1981  +   901d ago
My favorite map is aftermath, its a well rounded map with lots of choke points for hardpoint mode.
spicelicka  +   901d ago
they're alright, but has the author even played halo 4 for a minute? Almost everyy map in halo 4 is amazing. The way you can manouver through the layout and get exactly where u want in seconds, specially if you've got the acrobatics figured out, it perfect. And don't forget the vehicles.
deathsarm  +   901d ago
yea COD cages oups sorry maps are so good that it's not fair for WWE cages ^^
NirvanaInChains  +   901d ago
Hicken  +   900d ago
In order for this to be true, they'll have to be better than Killzone 2's maps. They didn't have the destruction of Battlefield's maps, but their designs made it possible for both intense close-quarters firefights AND long-distance shooting battles.

There were SOME spots that were advantageous to have, but in the end it still came down to skill and teamwork to get the win. A good tactician could turn the tide of battle, or a couple of well-placed turrets from an engineer could make an alley deadly.

.... then they patched the spawn grenades and ruined that tactical aspect of the game.

Still, for BO2's maps to be the best, they'd have to surpass those in KZ2. Haven't played it yet, but I'm hearing more and more good things about it(and some bad that I think is overblown), so I may yet pick it up.

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