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Diddy Kong Racing was Better than Mario Kart 64

Tom has a provocative opinion. (Culture, Retro)

Chuk5  +   604d ago
You're talking s***


(But seriously, mario kart is better)
NintendoLegend  +   604d ago
As Tom said when he pitched the concept to me: "Bring on the hate mail."
tehpees3  +   604d ago
I actually think it works like this.

Diddy Kong Racing = better single player

Mario Kart = better multiplayer
krazykombatant  +   604d ago
ummm no comparison to now Diddy Kong racing is still better, it took skill. No cheap items, no rewarding the sucky players and punishing the good. It had the right balance I sincerely hope they make another.
Psychonaughty  +   604d ago
Diddy Kong Racing was clearly a better game and as much as I'm enjoying Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed (bloody long name..) it has no hub world so it's not as good either (although again still great), Banjo and Kazooie Nuts and Bolts (another stupidly long name..) now that had an amazing hub world and excellent well everything!
NYC_Gamer  +   604d ago
I thought MK64 was the better game
Dovahkiin  +   604d ago
Strangely I enjoyed Diddy Kong Racing more, but i think that was because it was easier to play... And being only young at the time, that makes sense. But It is probably my favourite N64 game based purely on the fact that I enjoyed it most, at the age I was.
Psychonaughty  +   604d ago
I was no kid when it came out and I assure you DKR was the better game.
Moonman  +   604d ago
*daydreams of MK64*
nightcrawler  +   604d ago
i agreed :)
majiebeast  +   604d ago
Mario kart 64>Diddy kong racing
Crash team racing>both

You all know its the truth.
OcarinaOfTom  +   604d ago
Crash was really good! That can be a follow up piece one day. "Crash Drinks Your Milkshake at Kart Games"
Qrphe  +   604d ago
I do remember Diddy Kong having better mechanics, but Crash Racing had the best imo (c'mon, dual analog racing was mind-blowing and glorious).
Tiqila  +   604d ago
100% agree
abzdine  +   604d ago
i loved Diddy Kong for the variety of engines it was possible to choose between. My fav MK of all time is Double Dash.
OcarinaOfTom  +   604d ago
Double Dash is the last MK I played. I was kind of over it by that point, although I did enjoy the wheel.
sjaakiejj  +   604d ago
Always preferred Diddy Kong racing
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   604d ago
Diddy Kong was a GREAT game- I have no problem with anyone that has this opinion. I used to play both of them, back to back.
Donnieboi  +   604d ago
Who cares? Damn, today is a slow day for news on n4g-_-. Not a single article today that isn't an opinion piece.
NintendoLegend  +   604d ago
Ah, my favorite type of commenter: He who laments "Who cares?" amid a sea of those who do, and believes himself to be the only person in the universe. #FeedingTheTroll

In all seriousness, though, surprised to see so little Wii U coverage on the front page. Perhaps later today!
Ben_Grimm  +   604d ago
This guy is actually right, Diddy Kong had a better balance of weapons, the tracks were 10x better than MK64. I mean Mario Kart is doing stuff now in 7 that Diddy Kong did a back on 64.

What killed it for my friends and why they prefered Mario Kart was the over bearing cuteness of the characters.

Yea I know it's a stupid reason, but that was the only reason why my friends didn't want to play Diddy Kong. Which is ashame, and I'm ashamed for them.
Apocwhen  +   604d ago
Diddy Kong Racing Theme tune is so good. Played this game to death on N64 back in the day.
Used to love that PvP games in that Ice place with the multi tiered track
Y_5150  +   604d ago
I love most about most games is the music. Mario Kart 64 had a great soundtrack which I really only like the main theme of Diddy Kong Racing. Both games are great fun to play as well.
Nada Nuff  +   604d ago
I'm not exactly gonna pick up either game, uhhh...ever again, so.....

Seriously, this might have interested me 15 years ago. Now I'm sure both games could be found and played for nothing, so it's a moot point. Get both and race away.
OcarinaOfTom  +   604d ago
Ahh yes, not interested in retro games so you visit a site that exclusively features retro games. Seems like a sound strategy.
Nada Nuff  +   603d ago
This story was posted in N4G, never visited the site in my life. Assumption = fail.
urwifeminder  +   604d ago
Id rather wacky races on dreamcast.
kungfuian  +   604d ago
That's alot of what rare did back in the day. Under Nintendo they created high quality reimaginings of nintendo staples. Diddy racing is basically Mario Kart. Banjo n kazooii is basically a reimagined, and dare i say better, mario 64. Star Fox Adventures was the only 1 that turned out worse than what it emulated, its got nothing on zelda.

they had some original stuff like jet force and conkers, but most of the 64-early cube games were a way for Nintendo to make sequels- back when they insisted on never doing that.

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