Radeon HD 4000 Series Specifications Surface

Nordic Hardware writes:

"The ATI Radeon HD 4000 series is slated for late Q2. Information about the high-end RV770 has been leaking onto the web, from here and there, but the exact specifications has remained in the shadows. German hardware site has gotten their hands on what seems to be pretty authentic information.

As far as we can tell, it looks believable and matches the rumors going around. We're still far away from the launch and the figures are subject to change. We also have some information on our own to share with you."

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LinuxGuru3833d ago

Can somebody send a note to these graphics companies and tell them to slow down a little?

I'm tired of reading about a new chipset coming out every f |_| cking month or so.

It's seriously depressing. I just got a 512MB video card, and already I'm seeing 640 and 1GB memory cards hitting the market.

What the hell?

Sometimes, I feel that capitalism leads to businesses running headlong into innovation and invention, without a care for the PRESENT.

DeadlyFire3832d ago

You don't have to buy the new one every couple of months, but yes there are at least 2-3 releases every year from both NVIDIA and ATI. Its nothing new. Just buy the high-end or couple low end for SLI or whatever and it should be good for any game coming in the next 2-3 years with decent framerates.

Avto3833d ago

This is just theoretical I mean what's the use of changing series from 3 to 4 if the only thing you change is the number of shaders and frequency the only time you should change series is when you change something big in graphics card architecture just pumping up specs is not enough, but they already did it once with 3000 so who knows. They didn't do so good with 2000 so now they're trying to catch up and with 4000 they will try to go ahead and overtake but we have to wait and see what will Nvidia come up with unlike ATI they have nothing to worry about and can develop a good card in peace.

heyheyhey3833d ago

the top-end one looks pretty fcuking awesome for the price

i have always been an Nvidia man and therefore i am waiting for the G9 series, but that one looks pretty damn tempting

Avto3833d ago

hey heyheyhey what do you think 8800GT has for a GPU G92 there is your G9