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EDGE: "The unspoken promise of Sony’s portable is console quality on the move, but a thoroughly bloodless version of a massive franchise only feels like going back on that word. This wasn’t what Jack Tretton had in mind when he talked about having 'a triple-A shooter in the palm of your hands'. Rather, Declassified is a single A: awful."

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dafegamer2195d ago

the worst score on edge I've ever seen but anyway, i cant blame sony cause this game was only 5 months in development

ronin4life2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

What part of that isn't Sony fault(or rather, why can't it be)?

Poor planning is still fault-able.

Ryan_Hay2195d ago

How is this any fault of Sony at all? It's a 3rd party Developer and published by Activision.

They're horrible game is a result of Sony or Vita.A shitty game is a shitty game.

ronin4life2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

Because Sony said themselves this was a partnership. Nihilistic is a Sony partner, and Activision gave the rights over.
Activision had no part in its development.

Ryan_Hay2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

Nihilistic isn't a Sony partner.They're 3rd party dev, all the way.They made the game through and through with activision funding and publishing it.

Imalwaysright2194d ago

Sony partner? Nihilistic is a 3rd party dev with no affiliation to Sony. What are you talking about about? Besides Sony cant make any decisions concerning CoD as they dont own the franchise.

MasterCornholio2194d ago

So I guess we can blame Super Man 64 on Nintendo then according to your logic.

Motorola RAZR i

Mounce2194d ago


It wasn't built in-Sony or as they say of in-house. Though Insomniac and Sony had given the same devs the rights for Resistance, Sony does Not own these devs....And these people clearly suck at making games.... There's just no soul to them at all, even L.A. Noire was made with more soul under their harsh conditions than these people who go by AC and COD development standards. They might as well just be making Apps for Apple products rather than compete in the console and gaming-handheld market, they're just not skilled enough to do this shit :/

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StraightPath2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

this pathetic vita game is going to join the lowest rated games of all time. no idea how some defending this game. play black ops 2 not a shoddy downgrade and port. could remember people hyping up this game as vitas killer app. Really people are trying to justify there wasted money on of the worst vita titles ever. Just to promote one of the biggest vita games. stop kidding yourself.

Dante1122194d ago

@ Straight

Have you played the game for yourself? You don't even have a Vita let alone a PS3, so please stop trying to tell people what and what the shouldn't buy with their money. What's even funnier is last week you were doing what you accuse people here of doing when those unfavourable reviews came out for Halo 4 and people were thinking (probably joking) about passing. Man, you guys crack me up.

swansong2194d ago

This game is so much better than RBS. Multiplayer is really good. So with that in mind lets see,
Game informer-RBS-70/CODD-30
PlaystationOfficial magUK-RBS-80/CODD-40. And this trend will continue,these game sites have for the most part given Resistance:Burning Skies a higher score than CODD. COD for Vita has a much smoother frame rate both online and off. Better graphics and control. So what gives? These sites are pissed because they didn't get there free copy!

cpayne932195d ago

It could have been Sony's fault it only had five months, I don't think Nihilistic decides that.

Imalwaysright2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

Really? Sony bought the CoD IP? MEGATON!!!!! Why isnt anyone reporting that?

cpayne932194d ago

@right I thought Sony would at least have a say in the release date, but maybe I'm wrong. I'm pretty sure Sony could have told them to release it at a later date than the console version, or they could have gotten them started on the project sooner, but this is all speculation. I don't pretend to really know how the development works, especially in regards to time restraints.

Imalwaysright2194d ago

True Sony could have not allowed Activision to release this game but they dont decide when the game gets to be released. Activision wanted to release the game and Sony gave the approval.

Zodiac2195d ago

WTF? This game is getting bad reviews all around. Is it really that bad?? What about the MP? Can someone who has the game tell me if you think the Online will last, like, what is the population because Resistance BS kinda turned into a ghost town(maybe it's back up? have not played it for a while)

jon12342195d ago

I never play r:bs but I can tell you online is fun for this game, if you have a phone that can tether its data to you vita, you can play quick matches anywhere your phone can get a signal, and kill lots of time when you're really bored .

Zodiac2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

Good to know. Getting a smartphone soon, so i already have something to look forward to in it.

@sdozzo. Glad that people are online. As long as it holds a steady online population, i see myself enjoying it a lot.

sdozzo2195d ago

For now the MP is taking off. Lots of people but the game just went live. There are issues online but it is decent.

Dante1122195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

@ rpd

Where'd you hear that? People are raving about the MP on neogaf (of all places), IGN and gamespot. I'm gonna go with my gut and the large amount of people who played this game and said it isn't as worse if not better than the Resistance game and purchase it. This situation reminds me of Mass Effect 3 and the split between gamers and the critics.

Edit: Ok, after seeing the Assassin Creed reviews, I'm sure every game released on the Vita will score low because they're comparing it to the console games. There's no way Assassin Creed Vita game is unplayable (4/10 scores).

rpd1232195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

That's a shame. I'm surprised that the story is so short, maybe I won't get this after all. Only thing that would redeem it is mutliplayer but I hear that it is clumsy and incredibly small.

Monstar2195d ago

Really is a shame, it actually looks good for a handheld. They shouldn've put more dev time into it...could have EASILY seen this game become huge concerning portable connectivity.

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