GamesBeat: Nintendo Land: Where the amusement sometimes ends (review)

Half of Nintendo Land offers brief, creative fun in bite-sized chunks without ever constituting a full meal. The other half features dismal time-wasters and watery versions of great franchises that won’t appeal much to casual or core gamers.

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darkronin2291892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

I really liked what little I've played of it, but it seems pretty useless if you don't have any Wii Remotes lying around -- buying 4 of those plus the game would be a huge investment at this point.

SybaRat1892d ago

Metroid Blast as DLC, please. Leave the rest.

NagaSotuva1892d ago

I've been sick of Miis since 2006. Please stop this madness, Nintendo!

Sadie21001892d ago

It's a little too cutesy, but from what I've played of Nintendo Land at E3, it seemed fairly fun, but it's no substitute for 4P Mario or Mario Party!

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