Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified (Planet PlayStation)

How bad is this game? You have no idea.

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StraightPath2192d ago

could this be vitas killer app?

Dante1122192d ago

Still getting my copy.

@ StraightPath

I guess we'll find out if it is if it sells more than Fable: The Journey which you claimed was a system seller even after seeing those sales. So I guess this mean, anything higher than 28,702 is a success in your eyes.

Raccoon2192d ago

Damn you went for his heart...

medziarz2192d ago

To all that believe the biased Sony-bashing journos:

stevenhiggster2192d ago

It is honestly not that bad, these reviews are shite! I'm not gonna be stupid and say its great, cause it ain't. But it is no where near as bad as these reviews are making it out to be!
It's a decent effort at a COD game on a handheld, it deserves absolutely no less than a 6/10. Same shit that happened with MOH going on here, reviewers say its poo, gamers say its actually pretty decent.

stevenhiggster2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

lol, no. You really hate the Vita don't you, can you not just accept that some people might actually like it?
It's not like I'm desperately trying to defend the game or anything, I'm just sick of the overly harsh review scores for it. Like I said, the game is a 6/10 hardly a glowing report but it is in no way as bad as this and some other reviews are making it out to be!

r212192d ago

If thats buyers remorse then why are there tons of people, n4g and youtube, that have been saying that the game is indeed good and fun on the MP side where as SP is bad or ok.

Heck, I even asked a German youtuber whether the game was good or bad and he literally wrote Multiplayer Good/Singleplayer Baaaaaaad

Fez2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

Oh well if it was a German youtuber he must be right lol jk. No doubt people can and will have fun with the game but I reckon even they must be disappointed that the game could have been much better.

I am more inclined to believe people who's job it is to review video games rather than the people defending it for a number of reasons:
1) Reviewers will most probably have played every FPS released this gen and also tried to review them all (experience)
B) They haven't bought the game and probably not the console so are much more likely to be impartial in reviews (little bias)
iii) The people who have bought Vitas at this point are more likely than not pretty hardcore Sony fans, and as can be seen on this site, they require that Sony turns a profit (extreme bias)
And fourthly, the current owners have a vested interest in more people buying the game because if the MP dies then the game is almost worthless due to the poor quality SP.

I actually like the Vita, and CoD, but I expected more considering the hardware and title. I think it's funny that some users are reviewing the game at 8s and 9s on metacritic, amazon, n4g etc. If this game is a 9 I will definitely not be getting a Vita if that's all it's capable of.

joaovictorop2192d ago

The games library of Vita is so horrible that I will get this anyway. I regret so much to have bought this device, it was just a lost of money. I was hoping that this Call of Duty could save the PS Vita, but it will not.

Sony just lost the biggest chance to make this device get the right direction, it is a shame.

rpd1232192d ago

So you already own

Gravity Rush
MGS Collection
Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation
Madden 13
Resistance Burning Skies
Need for Speed Most Wanted
Unit 13
Uncharted Golden Abyss
Ragnarok Odyssey
Rayman Origins


BlaqMagiq242192d ago

I would hate to see what you think is a good game then.

swansong2192d ago

This game is so much better than RBS. Multiplayer is really good. So with that in mind lets see,
Game informer-RBS-70/CODD-30
PlaystationOfficial magUK-RBS-80/CODD-40. And this trend will continue,these game sites have for the most part given Resistance:Burning Skies a higher score than CODD. COD for Vita has a much smoother frame rate both online and off. Better graphics and control. So what gives? These sites are pissed because they didn't get there free copy!

TheGrimOfDeath2192d ago

Enough spamming this on every BOD post.

swansong2192d ago

Sorry, got carried away. On a serious note though, this game is in every way better than RBS. So the score should reflect that.

Kingthrash3602192d ago

Regular gamers who played BOD rate it an average of 7.9

Reviewers so far average 3.1

My personal rating 8.0

People say regular gamers who paid the overly high price for the game say its good because the paid so much. To touch on this ill say that I pay for every game I own rather its from trade in or straight cash. If I pay 19.99 for a game I would be pissed if its bad and i wouldn't recommend it. If a game is over priced and bad not only would I not recommend it I would ask for a refund. In this case this game is waaaaaayyyyy over priced I'd say 35.99 should fit right. But I do recommend u get it. It's clear something is wrong when they rate a game like this when its clearly the best fps for a handheld on the market. I have both BO2 and BOD.BO2's glitches and freezing in the game are really bad. The same can be said for BOD, This is nothing new, cod always has this prob. Man I could go all day but ill close with this.
I don't know what's going on with reviewers and this game but they are wrong, they know it. Sites have been bashing this game since the first screenshot were shown a few months back.
We as gamers put our trust in reviewers and now they are taking advantage of this trust . All this drama over having to pay for their copy's or reports of reviews being paid off or whatever is taking over the gaming world and destroying what we started playing games for in the first place...... To escape the drama in our everyday lives.

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