HaloRadar: Stupidest Cheats 2

Cheaters are always out there waiting to use their infinite ammo, unlimited life and ability to wear the Waffle costume to end your fun. As much as people hate to say it, sometimes the best way to beat them is to just cheat better.

GamesRadar gathered a collection of some of their favorite actual Halo 3 cheat submissions from their cheat database, CheatPlanet, and put them into two HaloRadars (if you missed last week's, check it out there).

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Delt43661d ago

Back when halo 2 modding came avalible me and my younger brother modded our xbox ( only using it for good) it would automaticly kick anyone trying to standby for host. That was cool. Of course we got banned cause i guess in a way thats cheating but never any of that hey look how fast i can run with my auto aim and infin ammo


im tell you now that if COD4 wasnt on xbox it would be dead along side of hd needs games,games, if xbox in a whole makes it this year it will be a miracle.JUMP OUT!


you want mods,check out its insane.we have over 100 new mods to cook up.ive been cooking mods all 4 more today.i cooked up 4 team deathmatch,red, and gold.ONLINE MADNESS!!

ambientFLIER3661d ago

Yeah, apparently so. Unlike Unreal on the PS3, retard. What did it sell, 100k, and how many are playing it, 1000 people tops?

If COD wasn't on the xbox, it would still have Halo, and if not that, it would have...oh, about a million other great titles. I think you mistook the Xbox with the PS3 with you lack-of-games comment.

thekingofMA3661d ago

just ignore the dumbass you replied to-sony fangirls think there really intelligent but everyone knows its untrue-