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GS:Caro and Shaun last about an hour playing CoD: Black Ops Declassified.

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DoomeDx2073d ago

LOL i love how he gets stuck at the first level and has to restart because he couldnt move.

guitarded772073d ago (Edited 2073d ago )

Why the hell is the video of Dishonored, while the story is supposed to be about CoD Declassified?

The actual video is there after clicking "Watch videocast" link, but the embedded video here is wrong.

UltraVegito2073d ago

why is their a video of dishonored?lol

Transporter472073d ago

Game looks like a CoD to me, too bad they didn't play any Multiplayer

r212073d ago

Apparently they had the worst luck of all the BOD owners as they had problems online...That or they couldnt get used to the mini CoD and its controls.

Loki862073d ago

I'm guessing since this is just over an hour that they play the entire campaign?

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