IGN: New Super Mario Bros. U Review

For many of us, Super Mario World shifted the Mushroom Kingdom from numbered, sequential stages to something more organic. The term “world” never felt more appropriate. New Super Mario Bros. U is the first 2D Mario game not only to return to that approach, but to take it subtly to the next level. The vast, seamless overworld not only houses the requisite levels, fortresses and castles, but also features items that can be picked up off the ground, roaming enemies that must be defeated, secrets, alternate paths and even some boss fights that occur within their own context, outside of any platforming sequence. Why Nintendo ever moved away from this approach seems even more baffling now that it’s returned.

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Moonman2137d ago

Already pre-ordered. Good times a comin'. :)

Army_of_Darkness2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

A 9.1/10?!? for the same thing that you played on wii? with PSN/XBL game quality graphics for full price?! wow! something's wrong with IGN again.. Looks like an 7.5/10 at most.

WeskerChildReborned2137d ago

It's called having an opinion, obviously some of IGNs reviews are questionable but their still opinions.

TXIDarkAvenger2137d ago

I don't know man. But for me, doesn't matter how many times I've played the same Mario game, I always get a kick out of it.

Wolfbiker2137d ago

its called "fun"....maybe you've heard of it?

Moonman2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

Go play smash bros. play all stars...or PS smash..or whatever the heck it's called. LOL So sad you have to troll Nintendo reviews. Some playstation reviews have no comments. Go figure...

SugarSoSweet2136d ago

not just IGN there something wrong with these Nintendo drones too paying full price for last gen graphics

Theyellowflash302136d ago

Its a 7.5 because of graphics? Why don't you try playing the game?

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Moonman2137d ago

Don't fret Nintendo fans, these naysayers are just wanting millions to abandon quality and buy the copycat crap coming to rival consoles soon.

YoungPlex2137d ago

I'm glad I got rid of the 3DS version because this one actually seems better than the 3DS version. It has a world map like SMW(SNES) and it isn't all about coins like the 3DS version, (which I really didn't like). All in all, I guess I'll be picking this one up at launch... Great job on keeping a classic fresh, now focus on Metroid and Zelda please, I would love it if they had a 3DS or Wii U version sometime in the near future...

LX-General-Kaos2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

Out of the gates Nintendo delivers another AAA quality exclusive offering. I had my eyes set on this gem from the very beginning when it was announced, and knew that it would come correct. Day one purchase for New Super Mario Bros U.

As YoungPlex stated above, the Super Mario World SNES throwback map is a blast from the past. Bringing a true feeling of nostalgia from the good ol days. Its warming to see that Nintendo has not forgotten where they came from, but also know where they are going. A fresh and positive start for the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system.

Rated E For Everyone

etebitan2137d ago

your such a troll... or maybe u just make fun of them... but god ur comments are so annoying...

Jinkies2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

See I think he's a MS fanboy who disguises himself as a Nintendo one so he would gain bubbles faster. I mean Dark Sniper did the same thing but with Sony related products and was bubbled down straight away.

It's funny over the past few weeks his real side has started to show

Seriously why give stealth trolls bubbles, I've seen plenty of people on here who get bubbled down for the smallest things.

ronin4life2137d ago

DARK$NIPER was an asshole who made personal attacks and belittled all non Sony products. In fact, most of his posts mentioned Sony directly far less than anything else in his post. That attitude is what lost him his bubbles.

Here's the kicker: THEY ARE BOTH THE SAME ANYWAY. Parodying the exaggerated behavior of their respective targets. When people get upset by their antics, they are being pulled into the joke.

camel_toad2137d ago

Nintendo should innovate by getting rid of the jump button and adding a cover system. (sarcasm)

SuperShyGuy2137d ago

also needs to add Shacky cam and QTE

eagle212137d ago

That Mario reign just won't let up. :)

silkrevolver2137d ago

I'm going to co-op this with my older brother next week. Just like the good old days... but this time, we don't have to switch off.


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