IGN Interview: Remaking Okami for Wii

Developer Ready at Dawn recently finished up work on its first Wii project, a port of Capcom's critically acclaimed adventure game, Okami. The developer recently answered a few questions about the porting process and clarified some details about the Wii incarnation of the project.

IGN: In your opinion, does the game play better or worse on Wii?

Ready at Dawn: I can't go back to playing with the PS2 pad now that I'm used to the Wiimote/nunchuk combination. It's just so much more fluid and intuitive on the Wii. Being able to skip the cutscenes on the Wii is a big plus for me personally too.

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Cartesian3D3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

so if its a remake ..

can we hope for a Completely new version(sequel) for NEX-GEN consoles?

I hope so .. I love this game (GOTY of 2006) :( .. and I hate Wii last gen hardware.

I want to see OKAMI glory in native1080p 60FPS 4xAA (with its unique artstyle its easily possible)

Eretik3803d ago

Graphic intensive games on PS3/XBXO360 never use 1920x1080p. Usually like 600x1080p or 1024x768, etc. + upscaling.

Frances-the-Mute3803d ago

so its a remake and a port, in a way
I'll be getting SSBB and Okami for the wii