Lights, Camera, Action: The Ten Best Movie Licensed Games Ever

Usually, when someone stamps a movie license onto a video game, it goes downhill rather quickly, as the developer puts less focus into the game content and, instead, makes sure that all the stars look like their realistic selves. From there, the publisher pretty much has no choice but to sell the title by name power alone, even though most folks think it's pretty lukewarm. Just look at most of the drivel that Acclaim produced in the Genesis/SNES days and you'll see what we mean.

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ab5olut10n1856d ago

solid list, didn't care for scott pilgrim though.

PhantomT14121856d ago

I think the game was rather based on the original comics and not the movie though...

ab5olut10n1856d ago

i didn't like the comics or movie either. always felt like the creator was trying a little too hard.

Kingdom Come1856d ago

Spiderman 2, the Greatest Movie Game of all time...

kingPoS1855d ago

Goldeneye! Aye that be a classic amongst classics.