5 Console Games That Turned Into Massive Series And Blew Their Rivals To Smithereens

Androgynous heroes! Cardboard box-based stealth! Umbrellas! These five console games came to dominate their competition!

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Godmars2902193d ago

Pointless list: None of those games had any "rivals" when they took off and essentially defined their genres. They acquired rivals, Splinter Cell came into being because of MGS, same deal with Saints Row and GTA, after becoming popular.

FamilyGuy2192d ago

There were tons of RPGs out before and along side Final Fantasy, it had plenty of rivals. I agree about the others though, pointless list.

StrongMan2193d ago

Resident Evil seems to have blown itself to smithereens.

dafegamer2192d ago

uncharted should be on the list

Getowned2192d ago

I'm surprised no talk of Twisted Metal, there where tuns of car combat games back in the day but TM just blew them all away in the end, and is really the last man standing in a dead gener.

hkgamer2192d ago

Apart from pokemon. what series didn't start out with a single game?

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