Xbox LIVE 10th Anniversary Celebrated with Free Xbox LIVE Arcade Title

Today marks the tenth anniversary of Xbox LIVE, the online infrastructure that changed the face of gaming in the modern era. Setting the benchmark for all other networks to attempt to outdo, Xbox LIVE’s tenth year is being celebrated with special discounts on the Xbox LIVEArcadechannel and also an entirely free videogame.

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Yi-Long1859d ago

... but it's a Kinect-only game (The Wreckateer), so completely useless to a large portion of the Xbox 360 gamers.

Weird choice by MS. Why not offer a game that everyone could enjoy!?

Mikefizzled1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

It may be because Wreckateer, although a very fun game, didn't sell anywhere near as much as they had hoped.

BattleTorn1858d ago

i thought the idea of the game was great, but from the E3 demo I was turned off.

I'll definitely check it out for free though!

FanboyPunisher1858d ago

They did it to possibly fuel small kenect sales boost?

Either way paying for peer to peer xbox live is stupid, they dont even let you use netflix without paying M$ for live.


CraigandDayDay1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

Yeah having to have Gold just to use Netflix or other video apps is messed up, really. And having to pay to play online is messed up. haha

Even Steam is free to play online, and it's better than XBL and PSN.

Either way, it's nice of them to give a free game, no matter what game it is.

FACTUAL evidence1858d ago

You think needing gold for netflix was bad, you should try to use internet explorer with a silver account....

Eyeco1858d ago

People still use internet Explorer ?

BLAKHOODe1858d ago

Download it anyway. You can always delete it afterwards if you're concerned about hard drive space, but at least that way, if you ever do get a Kinect, you can go back and re-download it at no cost.

Yi-Long1858d ago

I'll never ever ever ever get Kinect. I believe the best game for that device is still Dance Central, and I'm not really into that.

I'm not interested in motion-gaming at all. Not in Wii-Mote, not in Move, and not in Kinect.

If other people love it, then that's fine, but it's just not for me.

SilentNegotiator1858d ago

Front page: "Xbox LIVE 10th Anniversary Celebrated with Free Xbox"


*Clicks article*


So it's more like...a free invitation to buy a Kinect for a game that was probably selling iffy anyway.

insomnium21858d ago

Gotta hand it to MS. They sure know how to run a business.

ALLWRONG1858d ago

20 million Kinects and growing

Yi-Long1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

I'm a gamer. I'd don't have MS stock. I don't really care how much people buy a Kinect. I only care about the quality of games. Regardless of platform or input-device or whatever.

How many of these Kinect games are so great that we'll remember them with love and admiration 10 years from now!?

I know in 10 years time I'll think back to Super Meat Boy, and Trials Evolution, and Mark of the Ninja, and ilomilo with great great love. All brilliant games which have given me countless of fantastic gaming hours.

I don't believe Kinect has such a game yet.

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MadMen1859d ago

This is a weak free one - they should go with something such as Halo 2 or something tied to the success of Xbox Lives past

Summons751859d ago

Halo 2 isn't even on their games on demand only the first is and that is pointless when you can get the Anniversary and have better graphics.

A different arcade game sure but a free game is still a free game.

Mikefizzled1859d ago

I severely doubt they would give away a game like Halo 2. They killed the original Xbox live for a reason, they want people to move onto to the future hence why they gave away a little something from their future. And unfortunately their future is very Kinect centric

BattleTorn1858d ago

Halo 2 would have no MP. It was cut off a few years ago i believe.

Legion1858d ago

Many people are still playing it using a connection to their PC and routing software to other gamers emulating the direct Xbox connection.

TheRealSpy1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

I saw on reddit that some people were getting free 360 Slims.

I got a free Avatar prop :-P

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NellyNel_7_1_31859d ago

Hahaha! That is MS for you...

WetN00dle691859d ago

Well at least you dont have to keep paying to keep playing. Once you Download the game its yours even after you stop paying for XBL. Too bad you cant say the same about that other service. Sad really

stage881859d ago


Don't be a butthurt kid over this. MS are always pulling these stunts.

Highlife1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

I can't belive there are 6 other idiots out there that agree with you. So wetnoodle have fun playing your little kinect game. What they did was fine but probably should have gave a better free game. Live wether you like it or not is a huge success for them. And they should have returned the favor with a quality title. But for you to compare a crap game that you get to keep over paying 50 bucks for a year to play games that are AAA and not just one but many to go along with loads of other quality games is ridiculas. You need to look at plus like a rental service that you don't have to return *your games* unless you are not a member. Not to mention all the discounts you get.

Just be a happy gamer. I know that is just so hard to ask these days. Frankly I don't have an xbox but have nothing against it. I just choose PS3 this gen. Nothing more nothing less. Just have some fun.

* edit

2pacalypsenow1858d ago

your comparing PS+ which lets you play actually good games for free with a $50 a year subscription atleast you can still use netflix and play online without paying that $50 . Too bad you cant say the same about that other service. Sad really

BitbyDeath1858d ago


Sony have given away free games like LBP and Ratchet and Clank which you could keep even after your subscription expired.

On top of that all game expansions are free to keep as well, along with avatars, dynamic themes, etc All exceed the life of the subscription.

miyamoto1858d ago

and those free units will count as shipped on the next NPD sales report

that is M$ for you

ALLWRONG1858d ago

You do not get to keep the games if you stop paying for PSN+ you also can't party chat.

NukaCola1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )


LOL, You are forced to pay MS money if you want to do 90% of anything online and they give a free game that no one really wanted. That is what is hilarious. It's cheaper to pay for PS+ and still have all those online bonuses you pay for LIVE but completely free. BTW, PS+ treats their Vita fans with free Uncharted, Gravity Rush, WipeOut, and FF Tactics.

For some hardcore gamers on 360 who probably don't own Kinect but have played online with Live for 10 years now, over $500 for some gone into a forced service and this is the best MS can do? Should of given away Halo ODST or maybe Gears 3 online mode or something like that. Something actually cool.

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TheROsingleB1859d ago

Free game that I'm sure i'll play once, and then never again.
Thanks Microsoft! :P

dazzrazz1859d ago

A free shitty kinect game... wow

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