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Xbox LIVE 10th Anniversary Celebrated with Free Xbox LIVE Arcade Title

Today marks the tenth anniversary of Xbox LIVE, the online infrastructure that changed the face of gaming in the modern era. Setting the benchmark for all other networks to attempt to outdo, Xbox LIVE’s tenth year is being celebrated with special discounts on the Xbox LIVEArcadechannel and also an entirely free videogame. (Bastion, Battlefield 1943, Fruit Ninja Kinect, Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2, Mobile, PC, Peggle, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE)

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Yi-Long  +   863d ago
Nice gesture....
... but it's a Kinect-only game (The Wreckateer), so completely useless to a large portion of the Xbox 360 gamers.

Weird choice by MS. Why not offer a game that everyone could enjoy!?
Mikefizzled  +   863d ago
It may be because Wreckateer, although a very fun game, didn't sell anywhere near as much as they had hoped.
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BattleTorn  +   863d ago
i thought the idea of the game was great, but from the E3 demo I was turned off.

I'll definitely check it out for free though!
FanboyPunisher  +   863d ago
They did it to possibly fuel small kenect sales boost?

Either way paying for peer to peer xbox live is stupid, they dont even let you use netflix without paying M$ for live.

CraigandDayDay  +   863d ago
Yeah having to have Gold just to use Netflix or other video apps is messed up, really. And having to pay to play online is messed up. haha

Even Steam is free to play online, and it's better than XBL and PSN.

Either way, it's nice of them to give a free game, no matter what game it is.
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FACTUAL evidence  +   863d ago
You think needing gold for netflix was bad, you should try to use internet explorer with a silver account....
Eyeco  +   862d ago
FACTUAL evidence
People still use internet Explorer ?
BLAKHOODe  +   863d ago
Download it anyway. You can always delete it afterwards if you're concerned about hard drive space, but at least that way, if you ever do get a Kinect, you can go back and re-download it at no cost.
Yi-Long  +   863d ago
I'll never ever ever ever get Kinect. I believe the best game for that device is still Dance Central, and I'm not really into that.

I'm not interested in motion-gaming at all. Not in Wii-Mote, not in Move, and not in Kinect.

If other people love it, then that's fine, but it's just not for me.
SilentNegotiator  +   863d ago
Front page: "Xbox LIVE 10th Anniversary Celebrated with Free Xbox"


*Clicks article*


So it's more like...a free invitation to buy a Kinect for a game that was probably selling iffy anyway.
insomnium2  +   863d ago
Gotta hand it to MS. They sure know how to run a business.
ALLWRONG  +   863d ago
20 million Kinects and growing
Yi-Long  +   863d ago
How many of the Kinect games are truly worth playing though...!?
I'm a gamer. I'd don't have MS stock. I don't really care how much people buy a Kinect. I only care about the quality of games. Regardless of platform or input-device or whatever.

How many of these Kinect games are so great that we'll remember them with love and admiration 10 years from now!?

I know in 10 years time I'll think back to Super Meat Boy, and Trials Evolution, and Mark of the Ninja, and ilomilo with great great love. All brilliant games which have given me countless of fantastic gaming hours.

I don't believe Kinect has such a game yet.
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MadMen  +   863d ago
This is a weak free one - they should go with something such as Halo 2 or something tied to the success of Xbox Lives past
WetN00dle69  +   863d ago
Summons75  +   863d ago
Halo 2 isn't even on their games on demand only the first is and that is pointless when you can get the Anniversary and have better graphics.

A different arcade game sure but a free game is still a free game.
Mikefizzled  +   863d ago
I severely doubt they would give away a game like Halo 2. They killed the original Xbox live for a reason, they want people to move onto to the future hence why they gave away a little something from their future. And unfortunately their future is very Kinect centric
BattleTorn  +   863d ago
Halo 2 would have no MP. It was cut off a few years ago i believe.
Legion  +   863d ago
Many people are still playing it using a connection to their PC and routing software to other gamers emulating the direct Xbox connection.
TheRealSpy  +   863d ago
I saw on reddit that some people were getting free 360 Slims.

I got a free Avatar prop :-P
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Nelly_Nel_713  +   863d ago
Hahaha! That is MS for you...
WetN00dle69  +   863d ago
Well at least you dont have to keep paying to keep playing. Once you Download the game its yours even after you stop paying for XBL. Too bad you cant say the same about that other service. Sad really
stage88  +   863d ago

Don't be a butthurt kid over this. MS are always pulling these stunts.
Highlife  +   863d ago
I can't belive there are 6 other idiots out there that agree with you. So wetnoodle have fun playing your little kinect game. What they did was fine but probably should have gave a better free game. Live wether you like it or not is a huge success for them. And they should have returned the favor with a quality title. But for you to compare a crap game that you get to keep over paying 50 bucks for a year to play games that are AAA and not just one but many to go along with loads of other quality games is ridiculas. You need to look at plus like a rental service that you don't have to return *your games* unless you are not a member. Not to mention all the discounts you get.

Just be a happy gamer. I know that is just so hard to ask these days. Frankly I don't have an xbox but have nothing against it. I just choose PS3 this gen. Nothing more nothing less. Just have some fun.

* edit
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2pacalypsenow  +   863d ago
your comparing PS+ which lets you play actually good games for free with a $50 a year subscription atleast you can still use netflix and play online without paying that $50 . Too bad you cant say the same about that other service. Sad really
BitbyDeath  +   863d ago

Sony have given away free games like LBP and Ratchet and Clank which you could keep even after your subscription expired.

On top of that all game expansions are free to keep as well, along with avatars, dynamic themes, etc All exceed the life of the subscription.
miyamoto  +   863d ago
and those free units will count as shipped on the next NPD sales report

that is M$ for you
ALLWRONG  +   863d ago
You do not get to keep the games if you stop paying for PSN+ you also can't party chat.
NukaCola  +   862d ago

LOL, You are forced to pay MS money if you want to do 90% of anything online and they give a free game that no one really wanted. That is what is hilarious. It's cheaper to pay for PS+ and still have all those online bonuses you pay for LIVE but completely free. BTW, PS+ treats their Vita fans with free Uncharted, Gravity Rush, WipeOut, and FF Tactics.

For some hardcore gamers on 360 who probably don't own Kinect but have played online with Live for 10 years now, over $500 for some gone into a forced service and this is the best MS can do? Should of given away Halo ODST or maybe Gears 3 online mode or something like that. Something actually cool.
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TheROsingleB  +   863d ago
Free game that I'm sure i'll play once, and then never again.
Thanks Microsoft! :P
dazzrazz  +   863d ago
A free shitty kinect game... wow
stage88  +   863d ago
After reading the article.

MS gives with one hand and slaps you in the face with the other. Nice.
Jek_Porkins  +   863d ago
I'm surprised so many people are complaining, its an optional FREE game. Microsoft has actually given away a handful of free games this year, and they are actually giving away Xbox 360's to people who have been with them since the start.

I didn't think I'd ever see the day when people would actually complain about free things. This generation has been one of the best in a lot of ways, but as far as gamers feeling like they are owed something, its the worst, never have I seen so many people complain over every little thing.
StrongMan  +   863d ago

People are complaining because they are giving away a couple of Kinect shovel ware that no one wants while the competition is giving away AAA games that are rated 92 on Metacritic. MS are feeling the pressure to give games away because of PS+ but obviously people aren't happy with these games. Who are you to tell people how they should feel?
Jek_Porkins  +   863d ago
First you send me messages yesterday, now you are following me around. I already proved that you don't have an Xbox 360, and I sat you down on your little rants. Its a free game on a special occasion, it has nothing to do with PS+ at all. Its Microsoft's Xbox Lives 10 year anniversary and they are offering a little something to everyone and something big to long time people.

You are the troll that sends messages, haunts every Nintendo and Microsoft article and tries to tell us all how we should feel about how the Wii U isn't hardcore, or how Microsoft shouldn't charge for XBL.

I'd suggest you get over the hate, stop trolling and go do something productive, and I'd also say that maybe you should care a little less about what a game scores or sells, and just worry about whether or not you personally have fun with it. I've played plenty of critically praised games that I hated, played plenty of great selling games that I hated as well.
ItsTrue  +   863d ago
Lol!! Someone's scaared so they have to try put down the other console. How pathetic.
BLAKHOODe  +   863d ago
Let's put it this way. Say you gave 10 years to your employer. The employer shows how much they value you as an employee after 10 years by the gift they give you. If you get a gold watch - you're amazing! The company would be dead without you. If you get a broken, Sesame Street toy watch - you're a scumbag. Why did they even hire you to begin with???

A lot of people hate on Playstation, but look what Sony did after the hack-job to show appreciation for it's gamers... LittleBigPlanet, Infamous and several others.. AAA titles. That's what you call a GOLD WATCH.

Wreckateer is a broken, Sesame Street toy watch.

Get what I'm saying?
Jek_Porkins  +   863d ago
For the people who were with them for 10 years, they are getting an Xbox 360 console. There are deals and free games for everyone else.

I seriously doubt many people here have been with Xbox Live since 2002, especially since the immature attitude from most of the members of this site is fairly young, or maybe they are older and just act immature?

At any rate, if I'm given something for free, I'm not going to bad mouth it, because its better than nothing.

What you are talking about was Sony trying to appease people after they dropped the ball when it came to letting their consumers know that their personal information was leaked. I think that is something totally different than Microsoft giving away free Xbox 360's, games and discounts for the 10 year anniversary of Xbox Live.

So far, the people on my friends list are very happy, there are some really good game deals right now, and I actually have a friend who has been with Xbox Live since day one, he might end up with a console and I think that would be great. At the time that Xbox Live came out, I was a staunch PlayStation owner and supporter, so I wasn't into the whole Xbox thing at that time.

Get what I'm saying G?
ItsTrue  +   863d ago
You do realise that when you have such a large number of loyal people to you, you aren't going to give each and every single one of them something expensive. If you had a small company, then yeah sure, when there are millions, it's just plain stupid.
bozebo  +   863d ago
"For the people who were with them for 10 years, they are getting an Xbox 360 console."
No, only a tiny handful of people because you have to enter a draw for it (so it's random, basically no chance).
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TheBrit  +   863d ago
Jeezus what a bunch of frigging ungrateful people you are.
NYC_Gamer  +   863d ago
It's free shovelware
AngelicIceDiamond  +   863d ago
Would be nice to get some high quality past XBLA titles for free. Instead of Wreckateer.
braydox21  +   863d ago
Nice doesn't exactly fall into Microsofts catergories, i mean sure a free game, but i think for a XBL service that you pay for i think you deserve at least something that isn't shovelware, Halo 3 would have people in hysterics. or maybe something that every Xbox 360 user/owner would be able to use.
MasterD919  +   863d ago
Thought they were handing out free Xbox consoles to those who had a 10 year tenure, but I should have known better.

Free game is better than nothing, but I would have rather received MS points.
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Yomaster  +   863d ago
Agreed. I'm disappointed. In less than a month, I'll be a 10 year tenure XBL subscriber.

I know I'm off by a few weeks, but something better than a pat on the back and some shovelware would have been nice...

I would've been ecstatic about an 800 MSP gift balance. >_<
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ghostrider32  +   863d ago
Wow. Microsoft have yet to realize no one gives a f*** about Kinect. It needs to die.
inf3cted1  +   863d ago
A kinect game, lol. I will never in my life buy a kinect, or controller free crap.
bozebo  +   863d ago
You will take that back when we have VR lol.
thebudgetgamer  +   863d ago
At first I was Like, hell yea gonna download me a free game.

Then I was like, what the hell Microsoft! What the hell.
braydox21  +   863d ago
Discounts don't seem to bad and the free game is shovelware. so all in all its not too bad people arn't raging at least, but seriously though XBL service anniversary gives you a free game and alot of people don't even have a kinect or refuse to buy one or has no interest in it what so ever, i don't want to come off as spoiled but i think an anniversary for the Xbox live service they should have given a game that everyone could enjoy, like halo 3,2, or ODST which is probably a better choice no one likes it anyway (apprently) its not halo 3 so they don't have to be that nice but odst would be nice enough and it will be for everyone.
TotalSynthesisX  +   863d ago
I forgot I even owned a Kinect until I saw this article. Still not gonna drag it out. Kinect was a major waste of money.

MS, I am disappoint.
bnsjiujd   863d ago | Spam
ReLLiK  +   863d ago
Haha this is a joke. PSN has given at least 50 games discounts and over 20 free. Glad Microsoft values their customers.
Yomaster  +   863d ago
I'm pretty bummed. In less than a month, I'll be a 10 year tenure XBL subscriber.

I know I'm off by a few weeks, but something better than a pat on the back and some shovelware would have been nice. I also got an e-mail today with a code for a special avatar item; some "special" Xbox Live anniversary helmet that apparently was given to members of the XBL Rewards program that hardly "rewards" you with anything. Pretty lame for being a founding member and sinking over $500+ and thousands of hours into a once experimental online gaming service...

I've been a strong supporter of Xbox Live for 10 years without any interruption in membership, and frequently advocate that their service is second to none. It's a little disappointing to see some members receive a shiny new toy (that LE Xbox Live console), and me, as well as others like myself, receive the leftovers. Us founding members don't even receive a discount in the slightest as a reward for being loyal customers. Hell, an 800 MSP gift balance would've surprised me at this point. >_<
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OneAboveAll  +   863d ago
What a slap in the face. They couldn't have given out vouchers so players could pick the game they wanted?
wowguytc  +   863d ago
After ten years of being a member I get a freakin helmet and kinect game? Thanks Microsoft . I've paid for one year of PS+ and have tons of games....good games. I'm no fanboy but Sony is clearly the better deal here. Yeah I only get to keep those games as long as I'm a member, but I just paid ten years to Xbox live. I rather pay my next ten years to PS+ and have tons of games for that period then pay it to Live and get one kinect game. Oh and a helmet. Xbox 720 needs free Xbox Live. That is the world I one day want to live in .
edonus  +   863d ago
Wreckateer was like a 3d angry birds from what I played of the demo. Should be fun. Ofcourse you will have your hate kinect because god told me so brigade out but no one really cares about them except them.
tuhi009  +   863d ago
Battle.net came way before Xbox Live.

And by the time of Warcraft 3's release it had Online Matchmaking, Clan Support, Chat rooms and so on....
tuhi009  +   862d ago
And Battle.net has always been free
sdplisken  +   862d ago
hope you got ur moneys worth live fans
damn thats a lot of money you coulda spent on games lol

oh well free online FTW
PixL  +   862d ago
Enjoy your expensive crap, Xbox users.
paddystan  +   862d ago
My Kinect has been burried in dust in about 1 year now. So today I tried Wreckateer, after about 20 minutes with gameplay I burried my Kinect again.

It's kinda strange thing. Sony is giving away tons of free GOOD games with PS Plus, giant deals, tons of free stuff, online is free, the browser is free, apps are free to use (you don't need a Plus account), still many people hate Sony.

It's like, the companies who care about their customers get's hate, the companies who don't get's love. We live in a very strange world.

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