Dissecting Jack's Lies: NIU Shooting

Kotaku: Jack Thompson must have Fox News on speed dial, because every time a student shoots someone it seems like he's there, head hanging low, like a vulture, dishing out his special brand of truisms.

Seeing that Jack went out of his way to email me this morning to point out that he was "right" about the shooting being spurred by Counter-Strike, I thought it was probably worth another round of Dissecting Jack's Lies.

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ScentlessApprentice73803d ago

Idiots like Jack are the reason why I decided not to become an attorney. I wouldn't want to rant on and on about topics and situations that I know little about without conducting the proper research and getting paid for it, and I wouldn't want to act like I have diarrea of the mouth like that lonely boy Jack.

Q: What's the difference between a porcupine and a Mercedes Benz full of lawyers?
A: The porcupine has pricks on the outside.

RJ20003803d ago

Nice... but we do need good lawyers too

masterdebator3803d ago

Jack Thompson makes Jack Thompson look stupid.No point to have these stories about him.

RJ20003803d ago

This writer just made Jack look good. Come on there are a lot better points than the ones he took. The fact that the person made a point to call it "training" was never true. It was just placed by the lawyer. If you are going to play the game dont half ass it.

Fanboy Slaughter3803d ago

Jack Thompson is a giant asshole. I work with a kid that was ON CAMPUS at NIU when that happened, with his wife in another class. I can't even begin to imagine how frightened he was to find out if his wife was okay or not. He was visibly shaken when he got to work later that night.

And of course, was there any words of sympathy from Mr. Jack "The Douchebag" Thompson? Nope, his answer to all the world's problems are video games. Global Warming?..Games. Tsunami?..Games Nuclear Holocaust?..Games

When is this guy gonna do humanity a favor and go the way of Jerry Falwell?

Rocko3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

End his bullsh*t already, I've had enough. How can he get away with telling flat out f**king lies? Nobody ever questions these @ssholes, or call them out out on their bullsh*t. They just nod and go "hmm...interesting" You know theres dumbass parents and other f**kers out there seeing this sh*t and believing it. Im done with Fox forever, this sh*t is so un-f**king believable.

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