You'll need an external hard drive for that Basic Wii U

Gamasutra says, "With the Nintendo Wii U due for launch later this week on November 18, those people who are planning to pick up the Basic edition will want to grab an external hard drive too - as the model comes with just 3GB of available space."

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Npugz72138d ago

Nintendo is rediculous! I can't believe they would sell a system with that little storage! My ipod shuffle has more friggin space. And they call this thing Next Gen pfffftt!

MissKitteh2138d ago

It's pretty ridiculous :(

Army_of_Darkness2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

It's a good thing I have a couple external HDD laying around in case I decide to buy a basic wiiU one day:-)
Just waiting for that certain game on the wiiU that will WOW! me.

deafdani2138d ago

Can you expand your iPod's memory to up to 3 TB?

That's what I thought.

Dno2138d ago

can you download a game thats over 15 gigs on a ipod?

Thats what i thought

rpd1232138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

No but am I going to need to upgrade my iPod to 3 TB? Hell no.

Neonridr2138d ago

I would rather be able to use my own hard drive that I can purchase from anywhere rather than have to spend an extra $100 on the console so they can include an extra 250GB tops. That $100 will net me a 2TB hard drive, whereas MS sells a proprietary 320GB hard drive for $150. The last I saw, MS still sells a 4GB Xbox 360. And Sony came out with a 12GB PS3 model too.

LeoDDestroyer2138d ago

Or they could have done the sony model and have an internal slot so we could use a laptop base hdd which would be faster then the current external solution.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

shut up and be a true nintendo fan!

That is basically the attitude around here.

WiiU deluxe: wiiU(32GB w/ nintendo land) + 320GB external HDD = $400

WiiU basic: wiiU(8GB) + 320GB external HDD + ZombieU = $410.

I would get the stand later when it's cheap.

Good price from nintendo but not bang for buck.

lol Million of console gamers will have external hdd's? lol that is a first. Even pc gamers don't really use External hdd's since they are slower.

Neonridr2138d ago

the external hard drive still transfers data significantly faster than the DVD Rom drive of the 360 or the PS3 drive of the bluray. So what's your point?

I stream movies off of an external hard drive that is plugged into my TV. They are 1080p, so the bitrate is high. And they play perfectly. That is using USB 2.0

I think Wii U users will be fine.

tehpees32138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

That is why you can have your own hard drive with as much space as you want. Personally I agree with it as it makes it allows more freedom for my own user experience.

blackblades2137d ago

Nintendo is all about accessories.

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Thepcz2138d ago

its a modern gaming problem. storage.

I thought the whole point in console gaming was to offer a simple solution to the complexities of pc gaming. but now the console gaming scene is plagued with those complexities.

lets be honest though, even if nintendo offered all wiiu's as standard with 100TB hard drives built in, people would then complain about the high cost.

its modern day problem that plagues gaming in general.

just buy an external drive and quit complaining. or find another hobby!

Godmars2902138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

This gen has been plagued by nothing but PC gaming mentality and practices encroaching and replacing those of consoles.

This is really nothing different than what MS did with the 360 and its HDD issues. The arcade SKU.

Missing the point. Once upon a time when you got a console everything needed to use it came with it. The only time you had to buy crap was when it wore out, you wanted to play with others or some new method of play was introduced,like Duck Hunt.

Now everything is one step away from modular PCs. An internet connection has become all but mandatory just to get something working and even to play.

catch2138d ago

Actually it is very different than the MS approach because Nintendo aren't using proprietary hard drives. This is a much more consumer friendly way to do it.

Thepcz2138d ago

Yes exactly, in the 80s and 90s console were just 'plug and play' zero hassle. I'd say beginning with dreamcast, consoles have been going through a transition towards the PC model of gaming.

Everything is expandable, this whole idea of various SKU'S. The way a gaming console is not just a gaming console, but a entertainment center, media center etc the full integration of internet into console gaming. The way you buy a game and get 80percent of the content, then have to download the other 20percent...

There is no plug and play simplicity anymore with consoles. Now you have the headache before you even buy the damn thing, you have to pick an sku.

nintendo have steered clear of the rut console gaming has got itself into... Until now. It is sad and i don't like it, but thats the way it is today. People demand more than 'just a console.'

so with this in mind, letting people add their own external hard drive is possibly the best (and simplist) thing nintendo could have done, to avoid saturating the market with different SKU's every three months and confusing/infuriating the consumer.

ALLWRONG2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

"Once upon a time when you got a console everything needed to use it came with it"

PS2 Memory cards say hi and so does the Vita. You would have to go all the way back to the Sega and Nintendo days.

Quetzll2138d ago

unless you wanna put all your music, movies, AND games on there, the disc read speed should get rid of any need to install.

and i dont plan on using my wiiU for movies and music. thats what the other devices i've had for 10 years do.

before i get an external drive, im gonna see how far the system will go before it becomes an inconvenience.

nikrel2138d ago

I wish the console came with a built in Hard Drive, but look at it this way, we do not have to pay a price hike for a console specific HD like the 360. That is a plus.

Maybe we are getting the console 50 bucks cheaper for the lack of a HD?

Gives people options, with black friday coming up we can get some cheap external HDs.

It does not bother me so much, i'd rather external than internal.

Ben_Grimm2138d ago

This really doesn't bother me since external HD's are cheap nowadays. But you still want to buy a quality external hard drive, lord forbid the cheap one breaks on you.

My only problem would be finding an external hardrive sexy enough to sit along side my flashy new WiiU.

RivetCityGhoul2138d ago

personally i would have rather had if nintendo made a slot available for internal hard drive. the wii u didn't even need to come with hard drive just as long as the slot was available. i hate having external crap its just unnecessary clutter if you ask me

MissKitteh2137d ago

Haha! Definitely :) That will be my main concern too, finding a good matching HD.

mshope102138d ago

Im pissed cause wii-u basic has more memory then my 4 gig 360!

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