Kojima Talks To EGM About Next-Gen System Concerns

Hideo Kojima talks to EGM about the Next-Gen systems, hints at some features, and discusses his biggest concerns about development on the next wave of consoles.

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R6ex2193d ago

Yes. Cloud gaming is the future.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2193d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

dude stop being dumb. You may not want that but in actual reality? yes it is. maybe 10+ years from now but yes it is. If smart phones can threaten consoles what will smart tv's do?

Stop your blind denial and look at the direction the world is going in.

Cloud gaming is not your choice as the majority of people will pay anyway. Like they do for everything else. They just want to play.

There are so many facts to deal with to say it's not true.

#1 Sony pays $380 million to get into cloud gaming.
#2 MS is bringing cloud gaming to windows 8.
#3 Square Enix starting there own cloud service.
#4 Smart Tv's (like LG & SamSung)now are starting to come with gaiki in it. (Oh just for demos so they can go spend another couple hundred for a console? yeah goo business strategy O_o). (Onlive in vizio & LG tv
s;s) And no onlive didn't to bad just because it's a cloud gaming service.
#5 Amd now working on there own cloud gaming cards like Nvidia.
#6 corporation will take advantage of a distribution system were pirating is impossible.

I am not saying cloud is the best but show me facts that your "no it's not" answer comes from.

Summons752192d ago

cell phones threaten consoles.....HAHAHAHAHA that's the best thing I have heard all day. Sorry guy but horrible 2 cent games will never EVER be a threat to the game industry, it is only there so the casuals can stop detracting from actual gaming.

Good laugh though next I bet you will say Tablets are threatening PC gaming.

Also Cloud will never be standard, there are way to many people who want the physical game over a version of the game you will never truly own. That's just how it is, they would be able to take games from you and you wouldn't;t be able to do a thing because you agreed to the terms of service (probably without reading like most people do). That's how it is with Steam now and it has actually happened to me which is why I will never use their service again.

Az1mov2192d ago

10 years down the road, a lot of stuff could change indeed. But I'm pointing to the near future.. I don't see it happening anytime soon or at least applied to the hardcore games (like GTA and such) OnLive was a failure for starters, remember?. Internet infrastructure isn't meeting the requirements for such heavy games.

DeadIIIRed2193d ago

We are still a long way from a cloud based console from one of the big three. Releasing such a thing too soon alienates a lot of potential customers who either do not have the speeds required, have an ISP who's network wouldn't be able to handle the additional stress of thousands of cloud based consoles, or simply just don't have the internet.

sway_z2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )


The dude said in 10 years...! Nobody referenced the present.

The Cloud will be the dominant delivery of games and everything else media related, movies, music everything!

Whether I, YOU or ANYONE else likes it....

It's not hard to read between the lines...Piracy is a major industry wide problem, the idea is THEY don't want you to own your games! ...just the rights to play them e.g. licensed to the end user.

Denial is one thing, but don't live in ignorance ;)

DeadIIIRed2190d ago

When I said a long way, I meant 15-20 years. A certain percent of the population needs to meet a certain criteria for a huge investment in cloud gaming to be considered. The size and scope of games always increases and the infrastructure of many target regions, particularly the United States, needs to catch up. Knowing how slow my country is at overhauling infrastructure these days, I would say it is still going to be almost two decades before we see a widely successful cloud-based console.

Never said anything about the potential for cloud gaming, but I do believe it is inevitable despite being unfeasible for the foreseeable future.

DivineAssault 2192d ago

Cloud gaming will be introduced nx gen.. If it takes off & ppl like it, it will become a standard.. A good PS service that can be used on mobile devices, PC, ps4, vita, etc would be great.. Ill do it if the price is right.