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UK Gamers More Sophisticated Than U.S. Gamers

While American Gamers spew obscenities, annoying noises, and even slurs in online gaming, UK Gamers seem to focus more on supportive communication, eloquent team play, and a more cooperative spirit. (Culture)

X-Factor  +   650d ago
I'm a proud American, and we generally do not apologize for who we are, what we stand for, or HOW WE GAME!

Red White and Blue baby. Oh Wait, those are the same colors of the British flag. I wonder if there's a correlation...
stage88  +   650d ago
I'm from the UK and this article is stupid beyond belief. There are sophisticated people and absolute idiots in both countries, gamers or not.

Probably some stuck up British person who wrote the article. Sorry about that to all those across the pond.
Tetsujin  +   650d ago
I've only had minimal experience playing with UK players and yes it was a positive experience; however I've talked with people who swear NEVER to play with them on any online game because of their "we're better than everyone" attitude.

Other European players I've had mixed experiences; women love us and men hate us...
SilentNegotiator  +   650d ago
UK players have just as many of a percentage of swearing homophobia boys and men as the US.
Tetsujin  +   650d ago
I wouldn't doubt that, I've been told in some cases the UK players were worse depending on the game than US players. Like I said earlier though I can only speak from what I experienced; I'm currently only on the PS3 and I know that plays some part in the experience, however I did play an MMO (Final Fantasy 11) with all types of people whether on console or pc, EU, JP, and US and again it was positive outside the occasional morons.
Karlnag3  +   650d ago
As an English person, I can say that this is total BS. Both are as bad as the other. I've met plenty of pleasant American people over Steam, PSN and XBL, and far more that are as described in this article. However, I have also met loads of chav (English noun. Google it.) arse holes from the UK. Most of them are northern from my experience.
jb1276  +   650d ago
<looks at UK gamers> Have a cookie :)

<edit> http://www.youtube.com/watc...

<looks at US gamers> <shrugs> probably just their accent
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cgoodno  +   650d ago
That's your opinion piece? Citing just your personal experience in pretty much one paragraph for Americans and one for UK? This could have been left to twitter or something of the like rather than wasting time with a whole blog post on it. The relevance of it is just as relevant of my comment here, only I'm not writing it to express something to the world, just to the author of this worthless opinion piece intended to rile up people because he says Americans aren't as sophisticated as someone else.
X-Factor  +   650d ago
It sure is my Opinion Piece. Perhaps you missed the Opinion Piece Tag. I don't fault you for it.

There's no intention to rile anything up.

Really? This Opinion piece "that could have been left to twitter" is all of a sudden going to start some kind of UK vs US rants.

I suggest you read your own posts to check for contradictions. And don't be so uptight! It's just one person's opinion. Much like yours I guess. Without the animosity.

Still thanks for reading, AND commenting.
cgoodno  +   650d ago
First, disagree. I 100% believe there is intention to rile things up.

Second, the thing is... it's a crappy opinion piece. The only exposition here is your personal opinion drawn out with unnecessary text. Meaning, you could have tweeted the title and been done with it. What you wrote... adds nothing to the conversation.

Third, what contradiction? I don't write opinion pieces on my personal gaming blog and then put them out to the world to read and digest. I stick to comments or user blogs here that go pretty much overlooked. but, when I do have an a blog to write here, I make it more than just "I played with Americans and they were offensive and I've played with UK people and they were politer." So, perhaps you should read my posts a bit better? Specifically the blog posts and not the comments, which aren't "opinion pieces disseminated around the Web" but sound bites and comments to other people for those people and not the general WWW.

I hope you write more worthwhile opinion pieces in the future. This one is just a waste of time as far as relevancy or worth.
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X-Factor  +   650d ago
Ugh... I'm using my last bubble on you bud.

You can disagree all you want. Makes no difference and is utterly irrelevant. Still, I appreciate your opinion, and while I disagree with it, since I know my intention, "I will fight for your right to say it"

The contradiction in question is that you are proposing that this article is meant to rile things up, as if it carried that kind of weight, then you minimize it my suggesting a Tweet would have sufficed.

Which is it? Is it only worthy of a tweet, or is it so weighty that N4G UK and US members will be up in arms against each other over this article?

Tell me. Is this a soundbite that I should have tweeted, or is it an expose that will incite riots on N4G? Because you are suggesting it is both. That's called a paradox.

Which brings me to my next comment. You are a paradox. You have 17 Friends and 16 people IGNORING YOU.

Why am I not surprised. Add to that the spiteful "Report" of "Lame" on this post that you added. Really?

Check your blood pressure. I think you may have some anger issues, or you might fancy yourself smarter than you really are and thus find yourself personally offended at the thought someone might disagree with you. "How dare they"

Anyway, I won't avoid you. In fact I sent you a friend invite. It's just gaming my man. We're not changing the world here.

Thanks bud.
cgoodno  +   650d ago
***Which is it? Is it only worthy of a tweet, or is it so weighty that N4G UK and US members will be up in arms against each other over this article? ***

The point is to rile up. The content is worth just a tweet. You can do both. Many tweets have riled things up. It does not go hand-in-hand that in order to rile up it has to not be worthy of only a tweet.

***That's called a paradox. ***

*chuckle* No, it's not. You are only trying to make it so by removing logic from the argument. You can still intend to rile things up and also have such a poor argument that it's only worthy of a tweet.

***You are a paradox. You have 17 Friends and 16 people IGNORING YOU. ***

Suggestion: look up paradox. The number of friends I have versus that of people ignoring me is not a paradox. I don't accept friends unless I will interact with them often (meaning, send PMs or the like). And, the people who ignore me have nothing to do with the people I have as friends. They are unrelated. The more friends I accept does not grow in proportion to the number of people who ignore me or anything of the like. They are separate and not all related to one another.

***Why am I not surprised. Add to that the spiteful "Report" of "Lame" on this post that you added. Really? ***

I didn't add a report on this submission. Recheck your facts. That was another community member. I instead expressed my opinion on the quality of your writing in the comments section.

***Check your blood pressure.***

You are reading anger where there is none. I can express an opinion without getting into a fit of rage. I assume you are not angry either? Or, should I take that anyone who responds to my comments with an opposing view is angry like you have just done? Silly logic.

***Anyway, I won't avoid you. In fact I sent you a friend invite. It's just gaming my man. We're not changing the world here. ***

I understand. And, I really meant what I said above. I hope you write more worthwhile opinion pieces in the future.
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cpayne93  +   650d ago
A soundbite cant start an argument? Thats one of the most rediculous things ive heard. I could write one sentence about a religion, political party, or some other group being better than something else and people on N4G and people would probably argue about it. You have some very strange logic my friend.
Ben_Grimm  +   650d ago
I agree with X-Factor, many people who play in the UK play on their controllers with their pinky out.

Very fancy and sophisticated ;)
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Ben_Grimm  +   650d ago
I'll use my last bubble to state my opinion but I have some UK players dureing my Team Fortress 2 days and those guys were total dicks. Also in MW3 they were the most racist bunch online I have ever encountered.

Perhapse it's the accent amd the whole Harry Potter thing that is making you believe that they are more sophisticated?
stuntman_mike  +   650d ago
the headline is just generalised rubbish theres good and bad on both sides of the water.

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