Activision cranks up Wii Guitar Hero III disc replacement program

Select owners of Guitar Hero III for Wii have been moshing uncontrollably as best they can in mono for months on end, but it seems as if Activision has finally got its interconnects sorted and will start issuing replacement discs. According to direct end-user reports and the (admittedly blurry) shots in the gallery below, the firm is now dishing out pre-paid envelopes in which customers have to ship back their faulty GH III disc and wait "3 to 4 weeks" before getting a new, stereo-enabled one free of charge. Live sans your favorite game for a month, or keep rockin' in the monaural world? Tough call, indeed.

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skyclaw3715d ago

i'm getting my new copy, i dont care if i have to wait a month...

No FanS Land3715d ago

I don't mean disrespect over Nintendo, but it would seem they don't care at all for their audio quality. At Least, stereo sound is around the corner. We all know the wii is not an hardcore gaming machine, but big N could at least put basic surround sound.

l Drop Dead Ed l3715d ago

I don't think Nintendo has nothing to do with it. It's an Activision mistake.

No FanS Land3715d ago

I agree with you, surely activision did a mistake. After all, they played it safe when developing the game for all consoles and they could have put a better sound quality, but on the other side, you can't just sit and ignore the fact that Nintendo don't put much emphasis on audio quality.

bozemanriverrat3715d ago

I fail to see what Nintendo had to do with any of this, so please don't turn it into a "see? My console is better. Nintendo is TEH SUX!"