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Yi-Long2223d ago

... and was really impressed with it. Good game.

GribbleGrunger2223d ago

I really hope this doesn't slip by unnoticed like many other Vita titles just recently. It's all well and good concentrating on the likes of Assassins Creed, COD or Persona, but many smaller but great titles are going unnoticed ... which then feeds into the notion that the Vita is lacking in software.

Hanso2223d ago

this looks really fun !
I hope its not to expensive..

baodeus2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

If u like smups, don't miss this one. It actually got a pretty decent story, and can be very challenging, which many games this Gen sorely lacks. There are unlockables depend on your performance too. One of the many Indies games that show quality as many AAA games and even surpass them depends on your taste. Pretty cheap too compare to many $60 console games that are trash.

Hanso2222d ago

sounds good thank you

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