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Submitted by RamsesNum1 1183d ago | opinion piece

Grand Theft Auto V: No Sign of PC Release. Rockstar comments about the missing platform

Grand Theft Auto 5 will no doubt be the biggest title of 2013. The game is months away and it's all anyone can talk about. Especially after last nights trailer. Check it out below.

A few weeks back, Grand Theft Auto V preorders began rolling in. First it was leaked, then Rockstar officially announced it. However, on the pre order posters, there was no sign on the PC platform. We can see the Xbox and PS3 logo but nothing for the PC. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

RivetCityGhoul  +   1184d ago
this is starting to look like Red Dead Redemption all over again.
GamerToons  +   1183d ago
You don't know what your talking about. They didn't announce MP3 to the PC til after the consoles were dated.

GTA V will be on PCs, every GTA to date has been and MP3 was on the same engine as V.

It's just a matter of when.
PhantomT1412  +   1183d ago
Same thing for LA Noire. We didn't have a clue about a PC release until the games on consoles were released.
LKHGFDSA  +   1183d ago
"every GTA to date has been" how about Vice City Stories? and Liberty City Stories? and China Town Wars?
Not main games sure, but I sure put alot of time into them for one.
Marcello  +   1183d ago
I think your find that Rivet is right. They are saying the same thing they said about the PC version of RDR, no plans, no comment etc & its never happened.

what you need to understand is GTA4 was a piss poor port & Rockstar were subjected to a really horrible backlash from the PC community. Since then Rockstar just dont like PC & have the money to say bollox to them if they want to.

LA Noire was released on PC aswell but again it wasnt a very good port & the backlash happened again but LAN was only released on PC cos it was in Rockstar terms a flop. Now for some reason they rls Max Payne 3 on PC & was a really good port so they can do it if they want to. In the case of GTA5 it looks like they just cant be bothered with it & are thus just concentrating on the console versions. The fact is they either cant do it or wont do it, Max Payne has proven they can do it so it leaves wont do it.
bozebo  +   1183d ago

They deemed RDR would be too costly to port because the code is very specific for console optimizations, that's about it.

Of course GTAV will appear on PC, why would they simply choose to make less money? (shareholders couldn't give a shit if Take2/Rockstar apparently have a grudge against a group of consumers, also like 99% of developers are PC gamers themselves)
Max Payne 3 (same engine as GTAV) works smoothly on PC and the engine is clearly designed cross platform from the ground up (and I suspect it will be their "next gen" engine).
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ATi_Elite  +   1183d ago
The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race
Every GTA game has made it to the PC!!! The GTA series actually started on the PC with GTA1 first being DOS and then ported to Windows and eventually console (Playstation).

GTAV will be released on the PC several months AFTER the console release (Like always so i don't know why this is news) and hopefully this time around R* makes a more PC friendly version from the start unlike GTAIV which was nothing more than the X360 version dumped on top of the DirectX in the worse way possible!

resource HOG, ran like crap, Dam near required a Crysis Max graphics PC to get the proper frame-rates and draw distances! totally sucked up GPU Vram and for no benefit but R* did make some patches and the Icenhancer mod made GTAIV gorgeous!

GTAV is one of the few multi-plats I'm looking forward to and can't wait to play all the great PC mods of GTAV after i play the Vanilla version.

So I'm sure most PC gamers know that R* is busy with the console versions cause GTAV is a huge game and we PC Gamers will wait the extra 8 months for GTAV the meantime we got PLENTY to play!

Happy Gaming!
MuhammadJA  +   1183d ago
AMEN! Go Master Race!
fermcr  +   1183d ago
LOL ... They were embarrassed by how the pc moding community improved the visuals of GTA4... something they didn't know how to do.
BitbyDeath  +   1183d ago
They'd neglect 90% of PC owners possibly more if they went for visuals like that.
stevenhiggster  +   1183d ago
^^ Exactly. They could easily make it look that good. Only problem is, if you've ever seen the iCEnhancer mods in action, the framerate is horrific. I'd rather have a decent looking game with a good framerate than a gorgeous slide show.
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RamsesNum1  +   1184d ago
yeah right i thought so as well. I mean with the graphics in the trailer its hard not speculate a PC version for optimum gameplay quality
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badz149  +   1183d ago
remember GTAIV?
it was far from optimum for PC! for a decently looking game, it takes too much to run on pc which is not a good thing! and try using mods like iCEnhancer, and the required hardware is getting more ridiculous!

just forget about GTA V for now, RDR is still no where on the PC's radar just yet!
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GamerToons  +   1183d ago
Yeah MP3 is the engine Rockstar is using, not the older GTA IV.

Every R* game besides RDR gets a PC release.

Every GTA is on PC.

They want to maximize profits.
RamsesNum1  +   1183d ago
Yeah right that's unfortunate, I remember the good times on the plains ;p and i think if they didnt give RDR a spot on the PC what make us sure they will for GTA. AAaaa
dedicatedtogamers  +   1184d ago
GTA4 came to PC, but it was just a while after the console releases. I'm fine waiting for the PC version. The stuff modders managed to pull off with the PC version of goodness, I can't even imagine what they'll do with GTA5.
chasegarcia  +   1183d ago
my guess
I think they wait a little for the PC version so that would be buyers do not pirate the game. Anybody else who waits most likely would have not bought the game anyway.
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RamsesNum1  +   1183d ago
Yeah there is no way it's a definite no. They will soon after. I mean it's sales in the long run
Flavor  +   1183d ago
Exactly. PC is a liability, despite being the best platform.
DudeJets  +   1183d ago
Ironically I know more people who pirate xbox games than they do pc ones now days
dennett316  +   1183d ago
You realise it's actually easier for people to pirate Xbox 360 games than PC games right? Once the hardware is modded, that's it, games just work. You may occasionally need a firmware update, but it's not very frequent.

With PC piracy there's a LOT of hoops to jump through and you need to be more technically minded than the console pirate needs to be.
NoFanboyRequired  +   1183d ago
You, sir, are wrong. Its a hell of a lot easier to pirate a game on the PC than the Xbox 360. you don't have to mod your hardware. all you have to do is download the game ISO (crack always comes with the download) install the game with DAMEON Tools or whatever else is out there and put the crack files in the directory. BOOM! so easy.

Doesn't take a rocket scientist to know how to install a game via ISO.
MRMagoo123  +   1183d ago
I remember back in the day to pirate a pc game you just had to put the game tape in one side of a tape player and put a blank tape in the other side of the tape player press play and record and that was that lol , but pc is def a lot easier to pirate than xbox for a start you dont need anything special for the pc you just dl install add the crack files and away you go like nofanboy said.
bozebo  +   1183d ago
No. Piracy on PC is a lot more accessible.

What is worth noting is that console games are usually leaked first, because the full binary has to be on a DVD during manufacture/shipping whereas most PC games now require online activation if they came on a disk (to acquire a few key parts of the game code, or some other simple DRM) and the activation services are not accessible until T-0. Though this doesn't really have any further implications for the developer's finances because console piracy is not widespread. I do think console piracy is going to increase a lot though (even next gen probably - offline DRM is physically impossible), but it will never overtake PC piracy.

Anyway, chasegarcia is right. Also if they outright say "there will be a PC version" some people won't buy the console version and will wait, so it's not just piracy but also people buying the game twice.
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Psychotica  +   1183d ago
Rockstar did tell us there wasn't going to be a PC version of Red Dead Redemption when that came out. Seems like they would do the same if there wasn't going to be a PC version of GTA 5. I mean why not just come out and say there isn't going to be a PC version?
pr0digyZA  +   1183d ago
Yeah the reason RDR didnt come was because their code was all over the place they said it would basically have to be rewritten which wouldn't have been worth the investment.

GTA 5 I have no doubt will come for PC, I think they are just wanting PC players like myself to get it on console (which I am doing) because we cant wait, then soon after release they will announce it for PC and we will end up getting it again (which I will be doing).

In fact my guess console version release April, In May they announce it for PC to release in October (maybe even a next gen version for the new console/s).
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Zha1tan  +   1183d ago
Frankly its put me off this game, Rockstar released an absolute shambles of a port with GTA IV and good luck if you had VRAM over 1GB because if you did the game would default to low settings and the ICe enhancer mod did not help.

This company has no respect for the PC base because they pirated GTA IV because it was an absolute broken mess that never got patched so it deserved to be pirated and they are probably going to repeat history.

Shame id love to experience GTA V on max settings in 1080p with a few nice mods but no R* have to pull the piracy card when it was themselves who set GTA IV up for mass piracy.
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VonBraunschweigg  +   1183d ago
Cry me a river. Really, I hope you're not speaking for the entire "PC base". Let me get this straight... PC base wanted GTA4, PC base got it, PC base didn't like it. So far so good. But then it gets complicated. Although PC base didn't like it they still liked it a little bit because they decided to steal it. People usually do not steal things they don't like, but not PC base, it's ok to steal something when it's bad. And on top of that, PC base wants some respect & attention pronto, or else history might repeat itself?

I'm pretty sure there will be a PC version by the end of next year, for now you just have to wait & hope & wait for next spring to hear from consolegamers if waiting another half year will be worth the wait. If it gets announced ofcourse. If not, then PC base, or the piracy part of it only have themselves to blame.
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Zha1tan  +   1183d ago
ignorant people like you really do showcase the majority community on here.....

GTA IV flat out would not run for me, Because I had over 1GB of VRAM there was an error were it interpretted that as a low end card so I could not even run the game despite my card being more than able to.

Also it would crash every 10 minutes without fail, controller support was bugged to hell and not one of these problems was fixed.

So go do one if you think people are going to pay for that shoddy service and if they do release it on PC il be pirating it since they owe me a game anyway but since im a good little PC user il only use that as a demo to see if it actually works then il buy it.
VonBraunschweigg  +   1183d ago
Hahaha, so your hardware didn't run GTA4 the way you wanted it, therefor it was ok to steal the game...and now R* "owes you a game"? Sounds to me R* doesn't own you anything my friend, it's the other way around, you never paid for the first game.

And who's ignorent here? After all your GTA4 BS your now telling yourself you are first going to steal GTA5 if it arrives and if it's any good by your standards you will buy it...

Once again, I hope there will be a PC version, but for dumb peope like you it might as well stay unanounced, delayed and cancelled. Obviously you do not deserve it.
onandonandon  +   1183d ago
Would they be satisfied if they got one or would they just moan about it like a console port is beneath them or something!
fossilfern  +   1183d ago
There was about a month gap between Max Payne 3 being released on console and PC. So why did we get Max Payne 3 with no issues but now theres a huge question mark over the PC? Granted the GTA 4 port was an absolute mess but Max Payne 3 ran beautifully so why cant they just do that again ?
LKHGFDSA  +   1183d ago
Wow. LOL in other posts PC elitists were bragging about how the game will look better on their system, and how it'll be so much better on PC because you can mod it.
Now it turns out it doesn't exist for PC.

I hope they never get it, I hate those arrogant PC elitists.
NYC_Gamer  +   1183d ago
I guess you will cry once the game does get announced for PC?stop being an idiot and be a true gamer and wish for all to be able to enjoy games.
Dovahkiin  +   1183d ago
Well said, what a moron.
-MD-  +   1183d ago
Don't be jealous because you don't own a nice computer, you sound bitter.

It's definitely coming to PC (albeit probably 3-6 months after consoles). Every game that Rockstar releases has a better PC port than the last (Max Payne 3's port was fantastic on PC). I'll be playing GTAV on max settings, it shall be delicious.
Qrphe  +   1183d ago
"Arrogant PC elitists"

The fanboyism in this comment is ridiculous.
deletingthis34675334  +   1183d ago
Sucks being a console kid like you, it really does.
josephayal  +   1183d ago
Why PC? Console$ are way better
Th3 Chr0nic  +   1183d ago
They didnt realease RDR for PC cause they were very skeptical how it would do on consoles. several insiders were telling them it wouldnt be a success. They already know GTA V will be a huge success and they dont even need to try to hype it cause its friggin GTA V they know it will carry itself on its own reputation. It will come to PC dont worry.
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Klonopin  +   1183d ago
I wouldn't be getting my nose hairs in an uproar just yet. Rockstar's track record shows that they release their GTA games to console first and then PC.
Prcko  +   1183d ago
what about red dead redemption???
Gran Touring  +   1183d ago
read this again:

"Rockstar's track record shows that they release their GTA games to console first and then PC"
Somebody  +   1183d ago
Even so Rockstar really shouldn't be doing this. Leaving everything to speculations and assumptions. Gamers still remember the lack of RDR announcements and then its absence from the PC library.

I'm sure some of those who defended Rockstar for usually late announcing the PC version and using the MP3 example are also thinking of "hope they don't pull another RDR." That's what I thought when they left out the PC from MP3's initial announcements.

Is it really hard to make a PC version announcement? How expensive is it to add "PC" to those sentences? Rockstar is a great studio but such practices doesn't really sit well with me.
danieldeath  +   1183d ago
I can wait for a year . .... please release it on the pc.
deletingthis34675334  +   1183d ago
This has been Rockstar since the beginning of ever. They almost always release their game on consoles before they port it over to PC. Max Payne 3 is an exception but a rare exception nontheless. As much as I would love a PC release on the launch of the game on consoles I am pretty used to it. It's Rockstar, they specialize their games on console.
bozebo  +   1183d ago
I could imagine MS and/or Sony agreeing to not allow Take2 to launch on PC because that would hurt the console royalties (a few million people waiting it out, if Take2 refuse then Sony/MS deny it on their platform - both of which will make Take2 more profit than PC sales so the logical result is simply no PC version).

It doesn't make sense that RDR isn't on PC though, it would make more money even if it took a lot of man hours to port, why don't they want more money?
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