Wii 25-in-25: Xenoblade Chronicles

BT writes: There is a lot I could say about Xenoblade Chronicles and indeed I already have, to the tune of 3205 words in my full review of the game. Since I have already gone into such detail there, I am going to try and keep things more succinct here. This is what you need to know: Xenoblade is unquestionably the best RPG to ever grace the Wii, but more than that, it is arguably the single finest RPG of this generation regardless of system. The reason I would argue that this is true is because, more than anything, Xenoblade is a game that takes chances. Whether you believe in the term JRPG or not, it is hard to deny that recent years have seen Japan-developed RPGs begin to blend into one another. What were once mere conventions and guideposts have solidified into boundaries and barriers and too many of these modern genre outings have become rote and cookie-cutter affairs. It is not hard to see why some claim this particular brand of the RPG is dying or even dead, but it does not have to be that way.

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Instigator2194d ago

Such a great game and among my favourites on Wii. I want to replay it, but it's so dang long and I don't have the time.

Looking forward to Monolith's next game. Hopefully they can 1-up themselves on the Wii U.